This New Fall Cake Is Making Trader Joe's Shoppers Drool

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It's officially pumpkin season, fellow foodies! From pumpkin spice whipped cream at Aldi to classic pumpkin pie at Costco, so many delicious goodies have already dropped this year. The most recent addition on our list hails from Trader Joe's, and fans are pretty stoked.


According to Reddit users, the grocery store is now offering pumpkin sticky toffee cakes. They're sold in packs of two for $3.99 per box, though the exact price might vary by location. The seasonal cakes are available in the freezer section and can be prepared in the microwave or oven.

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Shoppers have been loving the item so far. However, several people have noted that the cakes are ​very​ sweet, so you might want to keep this in mind if you're not a fan of super sugary baked goods.

As one user on Reddit shared, "I'm eating this now. It is so rich, so sweet, but at the same time moist and flavorful spice-wise." They went on to add that they should've picked up creme fraiche to enjoy with the cakes, as it would have balanced the sweetness.


Another person noted that the cakes pair well with Trader Joe's Coffee Bean Blast ice cream. Good to know!

Since the pumpkin sticky toffee cakes are a newer seasonal item, they might not be available in all stores just yet. Here's to hoping that we can get our hands on them soon.


Other new fall products to try:

In celebration of fall, Trader Joe's is now offering salted maple ice cream. It costs $3.49 per pint and would probably taste amazing with homemade brownies. Yum.

The retailer has also restocked chocolate mousse pumpkins for fall 2022. According to the product's packaging, the treat consists of velvety chocolate cakes layered with silky mousse. Clearly, Trader Joe's is the place to be this autumn.



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