Shoppers Are Intrigued by $48 Black Label Nuts at Costco

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If there's one thing Costco is known for, it's the discounts. But every now and then, the retailer drops an expensive product that makes shoppers do a double take. For example, the warehouse recently added high-end nuts to its shelves, and people are curious as heck.


The product is the Kirkland Signature Black Label Nuts, which costs $47.99 per tub. According to a photo shared on Reddit, the container appears to include a mix of cashews, pistachios, and walnuts. Each tub weighs a whopping 4.5 pounds.

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"If I see [it], I will definitely buy," commented one user, who went on to add that the ultra high-end nuts are different from the more affordable versions at Costco.

Another shopper offered useful insight on the higher price point: "The spec on these nuts are very specific. [It's] different than what is normally sold. For instance, the cashews used for this item make up 1% of crops in the whole world. They must meet a certain size and quality."


Speaking of cashews, one user added that the ones in the Kirkland Signature Black Label Nut mix are particularly big.

If you're hosting a New Year's Eve gathering this year, it's worth checking out if your local Costco has these nuts in stock. We could see them working well as party snacks or in a charcuterie board.


Similarly, if you're a nut aficionado, you'll probably enjoy this product. Be sure to call your Costco warehouse to see if it's available; its item number is 1473000.

Other new Costco products:

Costco is also offering a charcuterie kit from the brand Busseto Foods. Each one costs $25.99 and features a variety of meats and cheeses, along with Greek olives, chocolate-covered almonds, and hot honey.

The retailer has chocolate chip ricotta in stock, too. Can you imagine this with a side of nuts in a charcuterie board? Yum!



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