This New Costco Charcuterie Kit Will Make New Year's Eve Hosting a Breeze

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Although New Year's Eve hosting is a lot of fun, it can also be super tiring. After all, it takes place after a string of fall and winter festivities, so you might not be up to preparing even more party-friendly dishes. We're right there with you!


Fortunately, you can always count on Costco to save the day. Per @costcobuys on TikTok, the warehouse is currently offering charcuterie kits for $25.99 each. The item is by Busseto Foods, a brand that specializes in gourmet dried meats.

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According to the Busseto Foods website, the charcuterie kit contains a variety of meats: aged prosciutto, mild salami nuggets, Spanish-style chorizo nuggets, Italian dry salami, and Italian dry pepper salami.

It also features two cheeses — provolone and Asiago — as well as Greek olives, milk chocolate-covered almonds, and a mini jar of hot honey. Yum!

To serve the charcuterie kit, all you need to do is place it on platter. Alternatively, you can transfer the contents to a board. We'd recommend adding other ingredients, like grapes or crackers, to round everything out.


Even as a charcuterie "starter" kit, this product is great if you want to cut back on prep time. It's also ideal if you're hosting a smaller gathering and want to to avoid buying large packages of meat and cheese.

If you're interested in the kit, be sure to call your local Costco to check if it's in stock. Its item number is 1648949.


Happy New Year!

Other Costco items for New Year's Eve hosting:

To up the cheese content of your charcuterie board, consider picking up a Kirkland Signature Cheese Flight from Costco. The product, which is available in different varieties, costs between $19.99 to $28.99.

We're also drooling over this chocolate chip ricotta at Costco. It's perfect for adding a dessert-inspired touch to your charcuterie boards.



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