This New Costco Dessert Will Satisfy BOTH Your Cheese and Chocolate Cravings

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Did somebody say cannolis? For anyone looking for a last-minute holiday appetizer or dessert, Costco, of course, has you covered. According to Instagram creator @costcobuys, chocolate chip ricotta is back on the shelves and it is certainly causing a stir. This ricotta is labeled as a "creamy dessert cheese with chocolate," and while many are excited to see this unique find restocked, others seem to think that pairing cheese and chocolate is, well, weird.


One user commented, "This is peak America — how can they do this to ricotta?" while another simply commented, "No, just no!" However, there are plenty of others pushing back and mentioning that chocolate chip ricotta is essentially the filling of a cannoli, an Italian dessert made of fried pastry dough and a sweet ricotta filling. Many commenters wrote a simple "Yum!" and another one wrote, "Looks absolutely delicious."

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While some may be a little wary about this flavor combo, there are lots of ways we can think of to enjoy this dessert cheese. The creator mentions trying chocolate ricotta pancakes (genius!), and we think this ricotta would serve well as a dip paired with sweet treats like graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or cannoli chips. You could also make the argument that cheesecake is of a similar variety, so consider adding this cheese to a pie crust for a quick dessert.


The cheese (or dessert?) would make a great holiday treat post dinner, or even as an appetizer that will surely get your guests talking. Be sure to grab one at your local Costco for $13.89 per pound. That's a lot of cheese!



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