Why Do People Put Cornbread in Milk?

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So, what do you usually eat with cornbread? If you live in the North, you probably pair it with foods like barbecue and chili. But if you live in the South, the list of pairings is probably ​much​ longer. Cornbread, after all, is a tasty staple of Southern cuisine.


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In the South, one particularly popular combo is cornbread and milk. And no, we're not talking about eating cornbread and sipping on a glass of milk. Instead, the pairing involves placing cornbread ​in​ the glass of milk and eating it with a spoon. Yes, really!

Just ask Reddit users who grew up in the South. "It's big where I'm from, but others find it odd," said one Reddit user in Kentucky. "Was this just my family or did any other Southerners do this?" asked another person on Reddit. "If you haven't tried it, I highly suggest giving it a shot. It's incredible!"


It appears some people use buttermilk instead of regular milk, while others add a dash of sugar. In either case, when you think about the actual ingredients, the snack makes a lot of sense. It's not too different than cornflakes in milk, for example.


That said, it's worth noting that the combo is often prepared with leftover cornbread. The idea is that fresh cornbread will get soggy — but if you use leftover cornbread that's one or two days old, it will stay intact in the milk.

How to make cornbread and milk:

To make the classic Southern snack, simply break up leftover cornbread and place it in a glass (or bowl) of milk. Grab a spoon and dig in!

You can also pour canned peaches (along with with the syrup) on top, says Reddit user @sxzxnnx. This is an especially tasty option if you prefer sweet ingredients with your cornbread.