Trader Joe's Just Put a Spin on Your Favorite Appetizer

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Trader Joe's has never disappointed us in the appetizer department. Actually, the grocer has never disappointed us in any department. There's something so riveting about browsing the aisles of the store for new products — but there's one in particular that has us feeling especially excited. You can add this to your hors d'oeuvre spread right next to your Perfectly Pickled Pups and Red Pepper, Cranberry, and Walnut Dip.


Trader Joe's Buffalo Style Chickenless Wings have just hit the freezer aisle to satisfy your plant-based spicy cravings. These drumstick-shaped morsels are made with a soy protein and topped with a spicy wing sauce. Each serving (about four pieces) packs 15 grams of protein — not too shabby.

Video of the Day

Creator @traderjoeslist shared an Instagram reel trying the new frozen appetizer. They popped the meatless wings into the air fryer while simultaneously defrosting the sauce packet in a cup of warm water. Once the wings were crispy, the influencer smothered them in the flavoring before taking a bite in front of the camera.

They describe the wings as having a processed artificial meat taste, but commended the crispiness and the spiciness of the sauce. If you don't mind the flavor of vegan soy meat, then these might just be for you.

The comments seem to offer mixed reviews in terms of how good these were, with some applauding the new plant-based option and others feeling disappointed by the artificial ingredients. Like anything, it's okay to treat yourself in moderation, so if you feel like giving these a try, we say go for it!



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