Costco Fans Are Loving This Sticky and Sweet Treat

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One of the best things about Costco — aside from the iconic food court, of course — is the diverse selection of goodies. Most notably, we love trying new-to-us products inspired by treats from around the world. For example, back in October, the warehouse stocked ice cream bar versions of White Rabbit Creamy Candy, a traditional Chinese treat. So fun!


More recently, Costco added a classic British dessert to its shelves, according to Instagram user @costcobuys. They're called sticky pudding toffee cakes, which are created by The Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. The company was founded by Tracy Wilkinson Claros, who moved from England to Texas in 2004 and started selling British puddings at farmer's markets.


Worth noting, British puddings are recipes that are baked, boiled, or steamed in something, like a dish. They can be sweet or savory. In America, puddings are creamy desserts, which are more like custards in Great Britain.

Specifically, the puddings from The Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. are moist sponge cakes that boast a "slightly modern take on traditional British pudding flavors." The puddings, which are smothered with a buttery toffee sauce, are made with dates, espresso, and vanilla,

"These are so good! I'll be buying everything in stock," raved one Costco shopper on @costcobuys' post. "I bought them, and it is very yummy," said another person. Other users shared that it was tasty but extremely sweet, so be sure to keep this in mind if you're not a fan of super sweet flavors.


The sticky toffee puddings at Costco cost $13.99 for a pack of two. However, the product might not be available at all locations, so you'll want to call your Costco warehouse to confirm. The item number is 626193.

If you're able to find the sticky toffee puddings, something tells us they would be perfect for a holiday spread. Otherwise, you can order the cakes directly from The Sticky Toffee Pudding Co., along with molten chocolate fudge cakes. Yum!



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