Costco Is Now Selling This Beloved Chinese Candy in Ice Cream Form

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If you grew up eating White Rabbit Creamy Candy — or if you love trying new-to-you treats — it might be time to visit Costco. The warehouse is now offering the nostalgic candy in ice cream form, and shoppers are thrilled.


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For those unfamiliar with White Rabbit Creamy Candy, it's a milk candy that's popular in China. The product, which has been manufactured in Shanghai since 1943, boasts a creamy texture and edible rice paper wrapping beneath the outer covering. Additionally, according to CNN, "some North Americans compare White Rabbit's size, texture, and consistency to that of Tootsie Rolls."


In fact, White Rabbit is so iconic that companies have created non-candy items inspired by the product, such as candles. So fun.

And now, ice cream bars can be added to the list. The item, which is currently exclusively sold at Costco, is described to be chewy and creamy — just like the candy. What's more, you can use it as a coffee creamer! Simply dunk a bar into hot coffee and let it melt, as demonstrated in an Instagram post by How clever is that?


At the time of writing, the item is available at Costco warehouses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and the Midwest. It will be arriving at Southwest, Northeast, Texas, and Northwest locations in the near future.


Each box contains 10 bars and costs $12.79, according to @costcodeals on Instagram. To check if the product is in stock at your local warehouse, be sure to call Costco before stopping.

Where to buy White Rabbit Creamy Candy:

If you want to try the candy before picking up the ice cream, check out World Market or Amazon. You might also be able to find it at local Asian or Chinese grocery stores.


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