This Bite-Sized Frozen Dessert Is Making Aldi Shoppers Drool

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If you believe frozen dessert should be enjoyed all year round, you're in for a real treat. As noted by Instagrammer @adventuresinaldi, Aldi is currently offering chocolate-covered gelato bites in vanilla and chocolate flavors.


The product is by Sundae Shoppe, Aldi's original line of frozen desserts. The bites are essentially chunks of gelato covered in a chocolate coating. Each box contains 10 pieces, and according to shoppers, they are truly bite-sized and delicious.

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All that said, this treat would be perfect for when you're craving something small to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Like many of Aldi's other gelato products, the frozen treats are made in Italy. You can be sure that we'll be picking up a box (or five) during our next Aldi trip.


How to make gelato bites at home:

If you're unable to find the Sundae Shoppe gelato bites at Aldi, you can try making the treat at home. Simply add scoops of gelato to a parchment-lined baking sheet, then freeze until firm. Next, coat the gelato in slightly cool melted chocolate, then pop them back in the freezer. (You'll want to work quickly to make sure the gelato doesn't melt.) Once the chocolate has hardened, it's time to enjoy your gelato bites.


It's worth noting you can make this with regular ice cream too. At Aldi, consider picking up the retailer's Specially Selected ice cream or Earth Grown non-dairy varieties.

Other Aldi finds:

According to @aldifavoritefinds, Aldi is offering pumpkin spice coconut-based whipped topping, just in time for fall. We bet a dollop of this flavored whipped cream would taste amazing on a gelato bite.


Aldi also has not one ... not two ... but ‌seven‌ new soups for the fall season. This includes roasted red pepper and tomato, pumpkin maple bisque, and carrot coconut bisque.



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