Costco Shoppers Are Loving This Chewy Snack

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With the festive season in full swing, many folks have been enjoying snacks featuring delicious holiday flavors. We're talking peppermint, pumpkin, gingerbread, and more. But if you're craving something with a tropical taste — or if you're not quite ready to face cold weather — you'll want to check out one treat at Costco.


According to Reddit users, the retailer is offering tropical fruity boba mochi by Tropical Fields. Each piece is consists of chewy flavored mochi with a boba pearl instead. The mochi is available in three flavors: mango, lychee, and passionfruit. Yum.

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Worth noting, some users thought the lychee flavor was too floral, while others were excited to hear just that. (Writer's note: Lychee does have floral, rose-like notes, so keep this in mind if you're not a fan of such flavors.)

Many Costco shoppers also suggested freezing the treat, noting that the texture is best when frozen. "Put them in the freezer. They don't actually freeze but it makes them chewier," suggested one person. "These are fantastic frozen," commented another user. "All of these mochis are amazing frozen."

Additionally, if you want to see the texture and size of the boba mochi, check out a YouTube video by user JustCostcoIt, where they review a similar product by the same brand. In the video, they bite into each mochi treat so you can see the boba pearl inside.


One package of the Tropical Fields Tropical Fruity Boba Mochi contains 60 individually-wrapped pieces. You can call Costco in advance to check if the item is in stock. For the full ingredients list, visit the Tropical Fields website right here.

Where else can you buy the product?

If you don't have a Costco membership or if you can't find the product at your warehouse, you're in luck. The item is also available on Amazon.



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