This New Trader Joe's Frozen Treat Combines All Your Favorite Ice Cream Bars

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When it comes to frozen desserts, we're big fans of products that combine multiple flavors in one. So, when we came across the new chocolate-dipped ice cream bars at Trader Joe's, you can be sure that we did a double take.


The Figo! Half Dipped Chocolate and Vanilla Sandwich Bars feature "a vanilla-flavored filling that's sandwiched between two chocolate wafers at one end and encased by a chocolatey coating on the other," according to the Trader Joe's website. The treats are also specially made for the retailer in Italy, which is pretty sweet.

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In case you're wondering, "figo" means "trendy" or "cool" in Italian. It's often used to describe attractive items, such as cars or jewelry. However, as far as ice cream bars go, we think "figo" is the perfect descriptor for the item.

What's more, the Figo! Half Dipped Chocolate and Vanilla Sandwich Bars on the smaller side, making them ideal for quick snacks or parties. (It's never too cold for ice cream, after all.) One box contains six bars and costs $4.49 each.


Other new products at Trader Joe's:

While you're at Trader Joe's, check out the retailer's Boozy Macaroons. The "elegantly light" treats are flavored with rum, brandy, and triple sec liqueur, resulting in a deliciously fancy dessert. These macaroons would pair wonderfully with the mini ice cream bars, especially at a New Year's Eve gathering. One box contains 12 pieces and costs $5.49 each.


Another product worth checking is out the Maple Cranberry Orange Spread at Trader Joe's. It's the ultimate holiday condiment and even contains actual cranberry bits. Serve it on a charcuterie board with crackers and cheese, or try spreading it on waffles, bagels, or even your favorite protein. The seasonal item costs $3.99 per jar and is available for a limited time.



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