This New Gelato at Trader Joe's Is Perfect for Berries and Cream Lovers

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Trader Joe's never fails to make our mouths water at its delicious desserts — particularly in the ice cream section. Our tastebuds have recently been privileged enough to try the new Yuzu Ripple Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, but there's another pint in the freezer that's ready for our spoons.


Introducing Trader Joe's Strawberries & Cream Gelato, a combination of vanilla bean and strawberry flavors, packed with bits of candied strawberries, according to @traderjoeslist on Instagram. "Someone said it was so phenomenal, they almost finished the pint in one sitting," they wrote in the caption.

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Similar to ice cream, gelato has a base of milk, cream, and sugar, but the difference comes in the ratio. Gelato contains more milk and less cream as compared to ice cream. It may even offer fewer calories, less sugar, and a lower fat content. Originating in Italy, gelato is described as being a bit denser and richer than classic ice cream.

Commenters were excited about the prospect of another new treat, especially a gelato. One wrote, "Okay, hands down, hands up, this is bomb!" However, one important thing to note is that this dessert does contain wheat, something that the gluten-free users expressed their disappointment over. Hey, we can't win them all.

If you happen to spot a pint next time you're in Trader Joe's, make sure to grab it, because for $3.49 a container, they are sure to sell out quickly.



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