This Citrusy Cheese Is Back at Trader Joe's for a Limited Time

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Now that spring is in full swing, we've been filling our shopping carts with seasonal goodies. After all, is there anything better than welcoming warm weather with delicious treats? (No, there isn't.) One perfect example is the baked lemon ricotta cheese at Trader Joe's, which is back in stock for the season, per Reddit users.


The item was created specifically for Trader Joe's, according to the retailer's website. It starts with a curd made of fresh milk, salt, and whey, which is blended with sweet lemon paste. The mixture is then molded and baked to create a mouthwatering cheesecake-like treat.

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That being said, the product is a cheese-dessert hybrid, making it ideal for sweet and savory preparations alike.

On Instagram, users were quick to share their love for the cheese. "I ate it in my car ... it's the best cheese I've ever had," shared one shopper on a post by @traderjoesnew. "Yay!! So happy it's back," said another person.

If you want to try the baked lemon ricotta cheese, be sure to stop by Trader Joe's soon. The item is pretty popular and, again, a seasonal item. It also costs $13.99 per pound, which means the price of each block will depend on its size.


Ways to eat baked lemon ricotta cheese:

On its website, Trader Joe's recommends using the baked lemon ricotta to make a cheesy sauce. You can easily do this by stirring the cheese into a bowl of hot pasta. The heat from the pasta will melt the cheese into a tasty sauce.

On Reddit, shoppers have also shared their favorite ways to eat the citrusy cheese:


  • With graham crackers (for that classic cheesecake flavor)
  • On toast by itself or with raspberry spread
  • In pancakes
  • With berries or apples as part of a grazing board

Happy snacking!



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