This Aldi Treat Is a Dupe for a Popular Oreo Flavor

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If you've got a pulse on seasonal treats, you're probably looking forward to fall-flavored Oreos. And while the pumpkin spice version is officially coming back (yay!), it appears to be the only one. This is a bummer if you prefer the apple cider donut Oreos — but luckily, Aldi just released a viable dupe.


According to @aldifavoritefinds on Instagram, the discount retailer is offering apple cider donut creme cookies from the brand Benton's. One package costs $2.29, which is a pretty sweet deal. The exact makeup of the treat is unclear, but it looks like it consists of apple cider donut filling sandwiched between vanilla-flavored cookies.

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As one shopper noted, "Well, since Oreo isn't bringing [its apple cider donut cookies] back, guess I'm going to Aldi!" Another user gave them a "10 out of 10" rating, adding that the cookies are "so good."

The Benton's Apple Cider Donut Creme cookies are available in the "Aldi Finds" section of the store. But remember, they're a limited-edition item, so they won't be around for long. You can find your nearest Aldi by using the brand's store locator tool.


Other new treats for fall 2022:

Many of our favorite stores have been rolling out the fall-flavored goodies. For example, Costco recently added Halloween-themed chocolate bark and pumpkin spice yogurt-flavored pretzels to its shelves.

Sam's Club is offering a pumpkin cookie butter bar cake, which sounds absolutely divine. The warehouse is also selling pumpkin spice-flavored tortilla chips, which may or may not be your thing.


If you want to stick to Aldi, here are some seasonal products currently available at the store:

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.



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