This New Sam's Club Dessert Makes for a Sweet Start to Pumpkin Spice Season

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Pumpkin season has arrived in all its glory — yes, it ​does​ seem like it's starting earlier and earlier every year, doesn't it?


The latest entrant to the field is an incredible dessert by Sam's Club: a pumpkin cookie butter bar cake. The cake itself is pumpkin-flavored, and the mousse between each of the three layers tastes like cookie butter. All of that is topped with a graham cracker streusel for a bit of crumbly texture.

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If you don't know what cookie butter is, it's a delectable, sweet spread frequently used in Europe, like peanut butter or Nutella, made from ground-up speculoos cookies. (Like the Biscoff cookies you get on airplanes!)

Though the pumpkin cookie butter bar cake ​just​ dropped, it's already drumming up lots of interest online. On Instagram, blogger Ashley of @ohheysamsclub posted a picture of the new treat, and within two days, it had garnered more than 2,600 likes and 100 comments.

Many commenters shared their excitement and one user even weighed in with some personal experience. "Soooo good! I got it last week, shared it with @steph_fiore, and it's already gone!" commented @adelzotti.

The cake is now available at Sam's Club stores (and for curbside pickup) for a limited time. Pick yours up for $16.48 ASAP!

While you're already making the trip to Sam's Club, make sure to add these items to your cart, too:



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