9 Costco Holiday Desserts You'll Want to Have on Your Table This Year

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Costco has no shortage of desserts — like its mouthwatering double chocolate muffins and peppermint bark — but the shelves always seem to be overflowing a little extra with choices when the holiday season rolls around. With so many options, you won't want to miss anything, so it may be helpful to have an idea of what to keep an eye out for when you head to the store. Below you'll find just a handful of Costco's beloved seasonal desserts that are the perfect addition to your holiday spread, no matter how you celebrate. Your sweet tooth will be loving these.


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1. 44-Count Holiday Cookies

Why have one cookie when you can have 44? This assortment is chock full of sugar cookies, holiday candy cookies, and powdered brownie walnut cookies (among others) for $13.99.


2. Mini Seasonal Ice Cream Sandwiches

This 36-count box of mini seasonal ice cream sandwiches includes 12 sandwiches each in the flavors hot chocolate, candy cane, and pumpkin spice. Each box is $9.99.


3. Red Velvet Mini Cakes

These red velvet mini cakes from Costco are kind of like a large cupcake and are only available for a limited time through the holidays.


4. Pecan Pie

If you ever wanted four pounds of gooey pecan pie, Costco is the place to snag it — for only $16.99, no less.


5. Peppermint S'mores Mix

These bags of s'mores mix have a taste of peppermint, making them perfect for the holiday season. They would even make a sweet addition to any gift.


6. Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Bars

Tasty peppermint bark now comes in ice cream form from the beloved Häagen-Dazs. These limited-edition bars come in a 15-pack for $12.99.


7. White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Crisps

White chocolate and peppermint is an iconic seasonal flavor duo, and the saltiness of the pretzel make these an irresistible snack.


8. Mini Gingerbread Cakes with Vanilla Icing

These mini gingerbread cakes are almost too cute to eat. Grab a six-pack for $9.99 while you can.


9. Chocolate Mascarpone Truffles

These Delve holiday truffles are a great treat to leave out at a holiday party, but we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep them all to yourself. This 36-pack comes with three flavors: Chocolate Ganache, Tiramisu, and Sea-Salted Caramel Crème.


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