Costco Now Has Mini Seasonal Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Often, holiday flavors are limited to products like baked goodies and beverages. But what about ice cream? Sure, it might be a summer treat — but there's nothing like a festive frozen dessert to warm the soul. Fortunately, Costco is now offering seasonal mini ice cream sandwiches, and they sound amazing.


The item is by Mad Minis, a brand that specializes in mini ice cream sandwiches. They consist of two cookies, which look like Oreos, stuffed with rich ice cream. And according to Instagram user @costcobuys, the seasonal version features a 36-count box with 12 pieces each of hot chocolate, candy cane, and pumpkin spice. Yum!

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Each box costs $9.99, though the exact price might vary by location. It also looks like the treat is only sold at Costco stores in the Midwest, according to a post by @madminis on Instagram. Additionally, it's available for a limited time — so if your local Costco offers the product, be sure to scoop it up.

Even if you don't live in the Midwest, you can still enjoy Mad Minis this holiday season. Simply use the company's product locator tool to find nearby retailers that sell the brand.


Other festive Costco treats:

For seasonal items that are more widely available, you won't have to look far. Costco is currently offering a range of holiday goodies, including its popular Kirkland Signature Peppermint Bark. The product costs $11.99 per 22-ounce tub and is made with Belgian chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint oil, and crushed candy canes.


Costco has also brought back its Kirkland Signature Egg Nog Wine Cocktail, which comes in gigantic 1.5-liter bottles. The beverage contains 13.9% ABV and real dairy cream. It's also priced at just $8.99 per bottle. Happy holidays, indeed!



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