This Beloved Bakery Treat Is Back on Costco Shelves

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If you love the bakery section at Costco, you've likely bought your fair share of "mix and match" muffins. But if you've been missing the double chocolate flavor, you're in luck — because it's officially back in stock.


According to Reddit users, the treat allegedly disappeared because the warehouse couldn't find chocolate chips that met their standards. It could also be related to shortages and staffing issues, which have been prevalent in multiple industries. Whatever the reason, folks are stoked that they're making a comeback.

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If you're new to Costco's double chocolate muffins, you might be wondering how they taste. Well, some shoppers describe the treats as "rich," often comparing them to chocolate cake. (Writer's note: We can confirm that this is true!)

Reddit users also say that the muffins are amazing when warmed up. "If you microwave them [for] a few seconds, the chocolate chips inside [melt] and it's heavenly!" said one person. "With a cup of oat milk on the side, it's just ‌_chef's kiss._‌"

It's worth noting that the availability of each muffin flavor will differ by location. Before stopping by, be sure to call your local Costco to check if the double chocolate muffins are in stock.


Can you freeze the double chocolate muffins from Costco?

The muffins, like many Costco products, are on the larger side. So, you might have a hard time finishing them before they go stale, especially if you have a smaller household.

Fortunately, the muffins freeze well, according to Reddit users. Most folks wrap them individually in plastic, but if you're looking for a plastic-free option, consider using aluminum foil or beeswax wraps instead.


You can also cut the muffins in halves or quarters, then freeze them on a baking sheet. Next, place the pieces in a freezer-safe silicone or glass container. When the craving hits, you can take one out and thaw it in the refrigerator, microwave, or toaster oven.



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