Costco Fans Are Drooling Over This New Ice Cream Bar

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Costco has been on a roll with its summer treats this year. For example, the warehouse recently released a cherry layer cake that weighs nearly three pounds. Earlier this month, the store also brought back its Kirkland Signature rosé, which is affordable and delicious to boot. And now, it looks like the store has added another summer item to its shelves: root beer float ice cream bars.


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The treat is produced by Alden's Organic, an ice cream brand based in Oregon. Each bar features swirls of root beer sherbet and organic vanilla ice cream, and honestly, it sounds mouthwatering. The product is also free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavoring, GMOs, and high-fructose corn syrup, according to the Alden's Organic website.


On TikTok, user @costcobuys posted about the bars, much to the excitement of Costco shoppers. "I think I'm going right now for those root beer float bars, oh my," commented one person. "Root beer float ice cream bar?! Omg I need some!" exclaimed another user.

If you want to try the root beer float ice cream bars, you'll be glad to know that they're super affordable at Costco. One box contains 18 bars and costs $12.79, according to @costcobuys. That equals about 70 cents per bar, which is an absolute steal.


Before heading to your nearest warehouse, consider calling Costco to check if the treat is in stock. The item number for Alden's Organic root beer float ice cream bars is 1541637.

Other new frozen desserts to try:

While we're on the topic of fun summer treats, you might want to try the new rose cones at Aldi. The product consists of ice cream shaped to look like a rose, complete with a classic wafer cone. It's also available in two flavors: strawberries & cream and chocolate hazelnut & vanilla.

One box contains four cones and costs $3.99, which equals out to about $1 per piece. Yum!