Costco Brought Back This Popular Summer Wine

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Calling all rosé fans! You might want to pencil in a trip to Costco. According to Reddit users, the retailer recently brought back its Kirkland Signature Cotes de Provence Rosé, just in time for summer.


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In true Costco fashion, one bottle costs just $8.59. Shoppers also say that the pink wine is deliciously mild, so it won't overpower other foods. It's also been described as crisp, acidic, and citrus, according to people who have tried the drink.

As for the actual flavor? It's reported to have notes of strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, peach, apple, grapefruit, and lemon. In other words, it sounds like a summer dream come true.


Now, it's worth noting that the wine used to be much cheaper. According to users on Reddit, one bottle of the Kirkland Signature Cotes de Provence Rosé used to cost $5.99 at Costco. However, at $8.59 per bottle, it's still a pretty sweet deal.


If you're interested in trying the rosé, visit your local Costco. But keep in mind that alcohol laws vary by state, so your warehouse might not sell booze. It also appears the item isn't yet available at all warehouses. That said, be sure to call ahead of time to see if the product is in stock. The item number is 1133993.


How to serve Kirkland Signature rosé:

Once you've secured a bottle (or five), try making one of our favorite rosé recipes. You can also try one of the following tasty ideas:

  • Blend rosé

with fresh fruit juice for a delicious drink

  • Mix it with seltzer for a bubbly beverage

  • Add chopped fruits, like strawberries and oranges, for a

    rosé sangria

If you prefer red wine, you'd be glad to know that Costco also brought back its popular Kirkland Signature Spanish sangria. One bottle costs just $6.99.