This 3-Pound Costco Layer Cake Is a Perfect Summer Dessert

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One of the many wonderful things about the summer is that it's cherry season, a time when the universally beloved fruit is at its prime and the ultimate sweet snack on a hot day. Sure, cherries are tasty enough to eat straight out of the bowl, but they are also the basis of many summer-friendly desserts.

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The sweet treat experts over at Costco are taking full advantage of cherry season, having just released Junior's Michigan Cherry Layer Cake for $14.79 a pop. It weighs 44 ounces (about 3 pounds), so it's perfect for a crowd. The ultimate Costco lover @costcobuys recently promoted the delightful dessert on their Instagram, telling their followers that the cake is "DELICIOUS" and "SO GOOD!"

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True to its name, the cake is composed of four distinct layers of yumminess, including vanilla cake, Michigan cherry filling, vanilla buttercream, and vanilla cookie crunch. That might sound like a lot to fit all in one bite, but it's definitely worth a try.

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Junior's is a historic American dessert brand known primarily for their cheesecake, with landmark restaurant locations in Brooklyn, Times Square, and Connecticut. They have over 70 years of dessert experience, so you can trust you're in good hands with the Michigan Cherry Layer Cake at Costco.

Before hopping in your car right now to get your hands on one of these cherry-filled delicacies, be sure to check ahead of time to confirm they're still in stock at your local Costco.

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