12 Sexiest Bathroom Tiles on Instagram We're Seriously Coveting

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Our bathrooms are often seen as sanctuaries. A perfect place to unwind and refresh. Or a spot for some serious self-care sessions like a therapeutic soak. There also can be something incredibly sensual about a room like this. So, when we started scrolling and seeing how just the right tile work can truly make a bathroom sexy, we were hooked. Here are 12 of the sexiest bathroom tiles from Instagram that just might add a spark to your space.


1. Did someone order a platter of pretty? This bathroom designed by Nuria Alia is truly eye popping. Take a look at that sassy tile work on the floor. We dare anyone not to want to pose for an elegant selfie in this spot. And yes, we even mean if you're inside that fabulous tub too.

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2. There's something a little dangerous about this bathroom by Sticks and Stones Design, and we like it. Black tile and marble are the sexy couple everyone likes to stare at. Something tells us one could get into a little trouble in this space. And by trouble, we mean way too many extra long showers.

3. Who doesn't love a vanity that's just extra? But that wall of rosy marble pieces by Beamont Tiles take this space to the next level. Such a soft and striking combo of colors that makes this space chic and Scandi.

4. A good long soak is a spot on cure for the blues, and surrounding yourself with dreamy azure tones, like this look from Decorative Materials, could be truly transformative. Talk about taking a trip to the Mediterranean without having to leave the comfort of your tub.


5. Is it weird to want to have a fancy cocktail in your bathroom? No? Okay, good, because when we saw this gorgeous marble tile work on Ovadia Design Group's grid we wanted to invite a few people over for a toast to how stunning and sexy this space made us feel.

6. This sensual shower tile from Studio Parker Design is such a mood in all the best ways. The rich navy tone is both soothing and ultra sexy. No more waiting to exhale when you can just wash away your troubles in a space like this.


7. If all you can think about is pink, then dive right into this beautiful bath we spotted on Kureck Jones' feed. The vertical subway tiles by Heath Ceramics in the most romantic rose are so dreamy with that delicate floor pattern. We dare you not to believe in love after showering in this chic spot.

8. Dazzle your guests, or yourself. Every time anyone steps into this stunning powder room by Kemble Interiors, those Moroccan tiles (on the floors and walls no less) will truly stop them in their tracks. Extra credit for the soft green door and trim that are just too perfect.



9. For the midcentury modern obsessed, this swoon-worthy bathroom took our breath away with those Perini Tiles. The mix of muted tones is a true masterpiece of mixing retro vibes with modern design.

10. Shades of gray are on high display in this sumptuous tile look from Xaygun Interiors. This neutral toned space is anything but boring with its mix of textures and patterns we really can't stop staring at.


11. Rich charcoal gray marble and coin tile come together in what we call the perfect example of how opposites truly attract. This bath space seen on Cherie Barber's feed feels like a fantasy we want to have over and over again. Imagine soaking in that tub and feeling like nature was giving you a long hug.

12. The art decor elegance of these fan-shaped tiles made us think it would be hard not to feel fabulous while showering in this space by J Patrick Designs. We just love the shimmering surface set against those brass faucets.



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