12 Sexiest Bathrooms We've Seen on Instagram

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Scrolling through Instagram recently, we stumbled upon bathroom designs that stopped us in our tracks — because, wow. Talk about sexy and stunning. And, the fact that you're reading this article shows us that you've got good taste. So, keep scrolling — we think you'll be dazzled by these eye-catching bathrooms below.


1. We're stunned by: the large glass door that slides opens to a private nature-filled space, and the minimal bathing space designed by San Francisco-based architect Ryan Leidner. Who needs towels when you can air dry?

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2. We're stunned by: the gorgeous arched window (and that light!), the clawfoot tub, and the wood floor. It's more than a bathroom — it's a Parisian dream, found at Château de Freschines. We're getting romance novel vibes here.

3. We're stunned by: the elegant choices by Lisa Guest, including the chandelier (because why not in a bathroom?), the impressive toilet, and the tub placed at an angle by a tall window. We spy marble, tile, wallpaper, and wood all in this one gorgeous space.

4. We're stunned by: the checkered flooring, wooden beams, and doors from the late 19th Century. Designed by @berrowprojects, this spacious room feels like you're transported to another place and time.


5. We're stunned by: the vintage tramp art mirror, the marble and brass sink, and the deep blue-black color on the vertical shiplap walls. This powder room by Heidi Caillier is a mood.

6. We're stunned by: the Zen-like atmosphere of this entire space, including the wood tub, the open shower, and the wide window highlighting a beautiful Bonsai tree. Pipe in some pretty music and see you in a couple of hours.


7. We're stunned by: the slab of polished blue agate in the shower of a New York pied-à-terre designed by Elizabeth Bolognino. Can you say sexy bachelor pad?

8. We're stunned by: the herringbone wood floor, the partially hidden modern tub, and those little shelving niches within the marble wall. Those double doors open up for when you want to feel a light breeze during warmer months.


9. We're stunned by: the bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, the copper hardware, and the earthy mix of warm wood and concrete married together by Berrow Projects. Can you imagine staring at that view while soaking in that tub? Yes, same.

10. We're stunned by: all that emerald green! Designed by @rajnialexdesign, the marble, the green, the gold, the glow of the lighting — it is a bold choice for a bathroom, and we are here for it.


11. We're stunned by: How a small space can still be so big in personality. We love the varying textures, the minimalist features, and the tall pampas grass artistically put together by @stylingbydenice. We admit we're curious about that feather duster, but don't dare to ask.

12. We're stunned by: the wicker vanity matched with that wonderful wallpaper and black and white chevron floor. It is a completely charming choice by Heidi Callier — sexy, yet in a girl-next-door kind of way.



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