10 Instagram Pics That Prove People Are Creating Glam Rooms

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We're seeing more and more modern homes featuring spaces set aside for major self-care or just some at home primping. Of course not all of us have the square footage to dedicate an entire room to this, but recently while scrolling through Instagram, we were amazed to see how many people were creating special spots to get their glow up going. Whether in a bedroom corner, a walk-in closet, or a bathroom nook, we're loving all these glam room goals โ€” and are feeling inspired to create our very own version at home.


1. How pretty is this bathroom nook where you can spend some serious time with your lotions and potions? Astro Design checked off all the boxes with this chic bathroom beauty spot. We love the neutral tones and all that natural light.

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2. Lots of people are going big with their glam rooms and creating at-home salons. If you have the square footage (and the budget) we say, why not? Traci Rhoads took it to the max in this super lux space and it's beyond dreamy. Who knew a bar cart could work as a glam cart? Bubbles included.

3. Like we said, a glam room can be created in the corner of a bedroom. It's really all about the attitude and adding those special elements. A vanity mirror like this one from Lumina Pro, a pretty desk, or credenza, your favorite beauty products and of course, a special stool or chair. Let the primping begin!

4. Surrounding yourself with things you love or those that have special meaning to you is key when it comes to self-care at home. We appreciate how art and objects are placed in this elegant vanity space we spotted on My Modern Life. PS, we're coveting that chic chair, too.


5. Speaking of chic chairs for your glam room, this one designed by Bradley USA caught our eye. We love the slightly art deco vibes of this pretty space. Picture a Hollywood starlet from a bygone era getting ready for a night out amongst those glossy surfaces and accessories.

6. Continuing with the deco theme, these round mirrors with brass accents aren't the only thing we adore in this glamorous space. Those sconces, the bold rust velvet chairs, and that amazing leopard print wallpaper by Wallpaper Trader are all beyond sensational.


7. If you have a small spare room or larger closet, it could be reimagined into space where you can create a glam set up. Take this idea we saw on Amys Home featuring pieces from IKEA. We love the leopard print on the wall behind the vanity mirror for just the right amount of wow.

8. This tiny vanity extension in a bathroom design by Astro in collaboration with The Decorators Choice is perfection to us. The smart solve for when you don't have a ton of space for an entire glam set up, yet still a gorgeous spot to get yourself ready. Loving that stylish pendant for some extra light. Don't forget to always treat yourself with fresh flowers in your favorite vase.


9. Designer Kelly Wearstler never fails to stun us with her dream-like creations. Take this bathroom vanity + glam space in her very own home. The combination of marble, art pieces, lighting, and a truly unexpected accent chair somehow make us feel instantly glamorous.

10. Modern and classic designs collide in this absolutely gorgeous glam room design by Tracy Hardenburg that has us in awe. The rich green board and batten walls along with those glossy wood vanities give it a very exclusive club feel where we're hoping to get into pronto.



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