11 Super Smart Work From Home Setups Seen on Instagram

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As more of us are working from home or remotely these days, finding ways to create a space to feel both inspired and productive while an entire household happens around you can be a challenge. After all, not all of us are lucky enough to already have a separate home office where we can close ourselves off from distraction. We saw these chic work from home setups on Instagram and thought they were inspiring solutions no matter how much room you have for Zooms.


1. Sometimes you just need to set up a simple table and chair to get your stuff done. But if you can take advantage of the flow of some fresh air and make it have a farmhouse feel like this cozy work from home setup spotted on Inspired Home Office Design's feed, you deserve a raise.

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2. Carving out a nook is key when it comes to working from home. We love this built-in style from Kergo Furniture that includes some stylish open shelving where personal touches like artwork and plants complete the look perfectly.

3. You don't need a fancy desk to get it done. This simple work table paired with storage above and a small file cabinet below are not only chic, they take care of all your business. Chef's kiss to Progress LLC for nailing it.

4. People are getting ultra creative when it comes to finding the perfect nook to be productive. Nasze Poddasze Home Decor turned a tiny attic corner into a charming spot where we're picturing someone writing a novel. And that skylight is just such a stylish touch.


5. A lot of times many of us are being forced to share our surroundings with others at home more and more, including our kids. We loved this inspired spot seen on Inspired Home Office Designs that feels just right for school work and any tight deadlines on projects for clients. It's a great example of how we've have had to rethink our floorspace for more work space.

6. Working from home doesn't always guarantee better work-life balance. That's why we loved this gorgeous look by interior designer Steven Gambrel seen on Dune Furniture's grid. A beautiful desk to stay productive and a comfy accent chair to sink yourself into for some much needed breaks away from all that screen time.


7. Let's face it, working from home can be a grind. So when we saw this setup on Baba Souk's feed, we just smiled. It's hard not to love working extra hard when you are surrounded by super fun wallpaper, chic pendants and soft pink chairs, right? Who's motivated?

8. One thing that really struck us while scrolling through all these work from home setups is how innovative people have gotten. Take this chic home office from Pretty Domesticated that was made from a coat closet — let's call it a cloffice — in an entry hall.


9. Adding a partial wall to a living room in this home created a spot for an elegant home office seen on Kergo Furniture. The detailed walls in rose and dove gray make being productive seem a little more like an elegant endeavor.

10. Long days (or nights) at work, even if they are from the comfort of your home, mean making your setup feel as comfy as possible. We loved this soothing boho space by Mom Wife Boss where lots of plants are on point to lower any stress levels.


11. This work spot styled by Athena Calderone just proves how necessity is the mother of invention. A corner of her fabulous kitchen was transformed into the perfect place to work at a laptop and pop on a Zoom where the natural lighting is ultra flattering on anyone's face.



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