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These days more and more people are working remotely, so it's no surprise that home office designs are skyrocketing in popularity. Unlike corporate buildings, a WFH setup grants you considerable freedom when it comes to decorating ideas. Instead of drab paint and harsh lighting, you can let your imagination run wild and make design choices that will inspire creativity. But, it takes more than the right color palette, furniture, and lighting to create a workstation that's both functional ​and​ stylish.

That brings us to the one element that's often overlooked in an office: the walls. By adding a dash of wall decor (and no, we're not talking about the free calendar you get in the mail) you can actually transform an adequate, albeit ho-hum space into something that is interesting and feels unapologetically ​you​. So, lean back in your comfortable, ergonomic chair and take in these home office wall decor ideas that prove your 9-to-5 perch doesn't have to be all work and no play.


Wall Hanging

Even though you work hard in your office, that doesn't mean that every surface needs to be completely covered in calendars, Post-it Notes, and "bang head here" signs. Incorporate a less-stress inducing option like a wall hanging that will cultivate a relaxed and comfortable environment. Opt for an intricately patterned tapestry or a dip-dyed yarn creation. Either way, the warm addition will inspire and motivate you to push through even the toughest to-do list with ease.

Wall Art

When you think of office wall art it's not uncommon to immediately imagine framed photos of family and friends, snapshots of your distant travels, abstract canvas prints, or colorful posters. It's a classic choice and an easy way to incorporate a personal touch into your workspace. You can select one or two pieces or follow the lead of this L.A. power couple and create an eye-catching gallery wall by mixing both colorful and black and white framed prints. Or, think outside the frame and go with a wall sculpture instead.

Memo Board or Cork Board

For anyone currently fighting a losing battle with clutter, think of this office decor idea as an opportunity to become a bit more organized. Invest in a corkboard, pin board, or a memo board (or you can get to work on this cane DIY) and use it to hang a few office supplies. It will free up valuable desk space, and you can also use it to display sentimental photos, small art prints, and important reminders.

Wall Shelving

But if you really want to put your walls to work, hang a few bookshelves. Both stylish and functional, you can't go wrong with this home office design idea. On the functional side, shelving frees up the floor while also providing a visually pleasing spot to stash books, succulents, keepsakes, and office supplies. Hang one or two or take them floor-to-ceiling to really make the most of your vertical space. And if you are really feeling ambitious, add a pop of color by arranging your tomes according to the hue of their spines. Opt for rustic wood for a look that leans more industrial or farmhouse, or go with a cleaner finish for a minimalist or modern office vibe.



Pegboards are another stylish yet functional home office decor idea. They come in different sizes, with both small and large pegs, to suit your space and needs. Using hooks and small bins you can hang just about anything, from desk accessories to art prints to greenery to decor. Take a page from this Scandinavian-inspired setup at the Hunker House and add wood planks to create shelving, too. Pair with corkboard to complete the look.


Last, but certainly not least, you can deck out your home office space with wallpaper. Create a focal point with an accent wall or go big with an all-over approach. There's a seemingly neverending assortment of options to choose from, ranging in style, color, texture, and pattern. And bonus: There is even a multitude of removable options, including wall decals, for renters (or, for those who are afraid to commit).

Where to Shop for Home Office Wall Decor

Now that you have plenty of ideas to choose from, it's time to start shopping. Ahead, you'll find a few brands that we suggest perusing to find the perfect wall decor for your home office.




West Elm




Urban Outfitters


Saatchi Art


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