Upstairs at Hunker House: A Sanctuary for Creatives

By Eve Epstein
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When we launched Hunker House earlier this year, we envisioned a space that could serve many functions.

Downstairs, in the main living space and library, we wanted a setting for gatherings, conversations, and dinners — and a place to showcase our favorite designers and brands. But the third floor is a more private affair: it's where we host our overnight guests — friends of the brand and creators who use the space for rest, rejuvenation, and creative exploration.

The aesthetic of the space is airy, clean, and uncluttered — a canvas for good ideas and restful repose. And recently, throughout the space, we incorporated Dyson's iconic products and found that, in addition to making the space healthier and happier, they were a seamless design fit.



The heart of the space is a creative studio/workshop filled with resources and materials for brainstorming, sketching, writing, and imagining. The custom-built pegboard wall unit includes space for storage, work surface, and a giant cork board — perfect for creating a mood board or pinning up inspiration. A comfy sitting area offers a spot for quiet contemplation — lit here with Dyson's Lightcycle task lamp, which simulates sunlight and reduces eye strain for our guests for after-dark reading.

The aesthetic of the space is airy, clean and uncluttered — a canvas for good ideas and restful repose.

A small "family room" offers an intimate space for our guests to gather, watch TV, or choose from a selection of vintage board games.

Modern Bedroom with Dyson fan

In the bedroom area, we focused on clean lines and muted colors. The serenely modern setting is a perfect backdrop for the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air-purifying heater and fan, whose sleek design embodies optimal form and function.

Finally, there's the bathroom, where hues of blush, natural wood, and marble keep the vibe organic and warm. Wooden wall shelves feature white- and earth-toned decor for a graphic effect, and lots of plants keep the air feeling fresh and clean.

Not surprisingly, the upstairs studio at Hunker House is one of our favorite places to hang out — and our guests love it, too.


Words: Hunker Team

Images: Stephen Paul

Styling: Noel Hennessy