A Handy Christmas Decorations List To Ensure Your Holiday Season Is Merry and Bright

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Decking the halls for the holidays is all about spreading cheer with an abundant dose of merriness to boot. Tinsel, garland, and string lights may rank high up on our Christmas decorations list but there is a whole host of other accents and accessories that deserve an equal amount of time in the limelight. Once you've picked out the perfect tree (be it big, small, or in multiples of three) it's time to take things to the next level with a vibrant selection of ornamental accoutrements. Not quite sure where to start? Whether you've got your sights set on the mantel or the entire house, we've compiled a handy checklist with every staple and essential you'll need to get the job done.


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1. Garland

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Garland might just be one of the most versatile Christmas decorations out there. Regardless if it's strung on the rails of a staircase, draped along the center of the dining table, or set to trail down the fireplace mantel, it's primed to be the focal point. To further elevate it, add in eucalyptus strands for a fragrant touch or position mini votives along its curves for an illuminating effect.

2. Ornaments

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Whether you're going for a cheeky-themed tree this year or simply keeping it traditional, a few new baubles definitely deserve a spot on your Christmas decorations list. Consider DIY ornaments made of natural materials, upcycle wrapping paper or leftover scraps for origami-inspired embellishments, or stock up on vibrant knickknacks to string along the walls and windows.

3. String Lights

Word to the wise: The moment you begin your holiday shopping, pick up a box or two of string lights — the good ones always sell out early! Plus, you can always count on needing extras and more often than not, last year's supply will probably have a healthy number of burst or dim bulbs.


4. Holly

This winter foliage can trace its roots back to thousands of years ago, where its presence in a home was meant to serve as a respite from the winter grays. These days, we love the idea of sourcing a rich bunch of holly berry stems, or any variety of winter berries, and pairing them with a chic vase for a statement-worthy addition to the dining table.

5. Tinsel

Tinsel is a retro staple that makes for a surefire way to invite some much-needed sparkle to your Christmas decorations. Reshape them into tasseled gift toppers, make a vibrant photo backdrop, or simply spring them on top of garland or a wreath for a festive dose of luster. This vivid Etsy find has the right idea.

6. Stockings and Holders

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Lining the fireplace mantel with stockings is a holiday tradition as timeless as any, but just as important are the holders. This year, ditch the Command Strips in favor of a seasonally-themed accent piece and consider it an opportunity to further accentuate the scene with a design-forward fixture that can play double duty.


7. Wreaths

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse for Hunker

First impressions are always important and your front door is no exception, especially when it involves a Christmas decorating idea as pretty as this. Even the most basic winter wreath will suffice in spreading an ample amount of cheer, and your boosted curb appeal will thank you for it. Now DIY or buy? We'll leave that up to you.

8. Tree Skirt or Covering

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Rarely do the branches of a Christmas tree perfectly fall into place, concealing the base of the tree and its heavy-duty stand. Cue the clever tree skirts and coverings. Go all out with an extravagantly patterned skirt, prop the green into a woven basket, or simply wrap a stretch of burlap along the base. The extra step will give your evergreen a polished look that will complement the rest of your space.

9. Candles

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The holidays are synonymous with entertaining and mood lighting is always essential. Jot down candles on your Christmas decorations list and arm yourself with an arsenal of votives, tapers, and even a few scented options as an ode to the season. Candleholders naturally go without saying and a sleek brass option, or even something abstract, can be a foolproof way to reimagine even the most standard tapers.


10. Throw Pillows

One of the easiest (read: low-effort and budget-friendly) ways to refresh your space for the holidays is to swap in a handful of themed throw pillows that emulate the season's best. Think tasseled, faux fur, and even sequined if you're feeling bold (we love this set from Jungalow!). A cozy addition to the bed, sofa, or entry bench, they are a dependable way to invite an eye-catching pop of color and texture to any room.

11. Accents

Image Credit: Francesca Stone for Hunker

Under the more general umbrella of Christmas decorating ideas, you have the decor and accessories that will take your design game to the next level. We're talking nutcrackers, bottlebrush trees, advent calendars, tree toppers, banners, and anything else that will elevate the staples with either height, texture, or color. Prop them in random nooks and crannies (think window sills, nightstands, the corner of a media stand) to spread loads of holiday cheer.