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Attic Ideas and Inspiration — Here's Everything You Need to Know

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These days we are asking more from our dwellings — gym, office, 24-hour restaurant, entertainment hub — than ever before, and houses that once seemed perfectly sized suddenly feel a tad constricting. But whether you share your home with others and are craving a space to call your own, or you just want to make the most of every square inch, the attic should not be overlooked.

While garages and basements also offer practical potential, (and we highly suggest giving these spaces a makeover, too!), there is something about the walls of an attic that just seem to cocoon around you. Plus, the out-of-the-way-but-still-close location, and architectural nooks and crannies, are the perfect antidote to cramped quarters. Curious about the endless possibilities for your attic? Read on.


Finished Attic Ideas

There are seemingly endless, and we mean endless, ways to make use of converted attics — ancillary kitchens (yes, please!), game rooms, playrooms, spa-like bathrooms (twist our arm) — to name a few. But before you order those paint and fabric swatches, ensuring the space is structurally sound and suitable for conversion (call in the pros for this) is the first order of business.

Once you get the green light — and this is the fun part — let your mind wander considering what the most practical use of your newfound space would be. For example, if there are plans to grow your family down the road, transforming your top floor into an intimate attic bedroom idea complete with pitched ceiling, skylights, and wood-clad walls could be the perfect solution to cramped quarters.

Or is your temporary home office no longer temporary and suddenly bursting at the seams? Attic office ideas for one or two offer the seclusion and privacy necessary to stay motivated and productive.

A top-floor living room might be a bit unconventional, but an attic's inherently open floor plan and cozy footprint makes it prime real estate for a living or casual sitting room. Line the walls with floor-to-ceiling shelves and bookcases and voila, you've got yourself an attic library. And if it's big enough, you might even want to consider renting it out as a studio apartment.

Small Attics

As with any small room, a tiny attic just requires a bit more creativity and spacial planning. Create a (petite) meditation nook, nursery, or private reading spot.

Attic Storage Ideas

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The attic, otherwise known as a neglected wasteland overflowing with forgotten stuff, is a cliché for a reason. There's nothing wrong with using your finished attic space as storage, but create some semblance of organization with attractive bins, baskets, and shelving, or go all out with one of these attic closet ideas.


Attic Lighting

Attics aren't known for their luminous quality, which can work in your favor if you're looking to create an intimate or moody space. But if you want to turn your attic into a bright and welcoming addition, introduce ample natural light with the help of skylights or windows and then layer artificial lighting — ranging from task, overhead, and decorative sources — on top of that for when the sun goes down.

Attic Furniture and Decor

An attic's sloped ceiling, awkward angles, and constrained size calls for low-slung furniture with pared-down silhouettes. And while shopping for new pieces is always fun, we suggest you make the most of your unique architecture and invest in custom built-in furniture instead, such as desks, window benches, and cabinets.

Attic Stairs

Attic ladders are practical, but precarious. Research attic stair ideas that will make accessing your newfound space equal parts stylish and safe.

Great Places to Shop for Attic Furniture and Decor

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Pottery Barn



West Elm



Lulu and Georgia



Urban Outfitters

World Market


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