These Attic Bedroom Lighting Ideas Will Give Your Space the Coziest Glow

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Needless to say, your attic can be a difficult room to illuminate — it may be challenging to attach light fixtures to low ceilings and sloping walls. But here's the thing: A well-lit attic bedroom can set the tone for an intimate, private escape and be functional for daytime use, too. Keep reading for our round-up of attic bedroom lighting ideas that'll help you create the perfect ambience.


1. Keep it symmetrical.

If you're blessed with symmetrical sloped ceilings, a statement pendant light will act as a beautiful focal point for your attic bedroom. Lantern styles work particularly well if you're after an ethereal or boho vibe for your loft retreat, and beaded chandeliers will bring all your coastal dreams to life.

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2. Consider original features.

Revamping an attic space? Chances are that you might have some original features such as wooden beams to contend with. Consider the space, and decide where best to place your fixtures. Do you want to keep the attic features as the focus, or do you want to put all eyes on the lighting? Catherine and Bryan of Beginning in the Middle got the balance just right in this bedroom, opting for a geometric Moroccan-style pendant that hangs between the timber joists.


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3. Hang string lighting on beams.

If you want to interact with the beams in your attic, string lights are the way to go. Simply wrap the cords around the joist, maybe with a touch of garland like Hanna Sanglar did in this restorative bedroom, and presto— whimsical setup achieved.


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4. Use the walls.

A small attic space might not have room for nightstands or table lamps. So, you'll probably have to get on board with wall lighting. Brooke of Nesting with Grace opted for plug-in wall sconces in this attic bedroom, framing the small window and bed to create a symmetrical look.



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5. Work with awkward layouts.

Attic bedroom layouts can vary drastically. There isn't a one size fits all approach. Consider the space you have to work with, and find the highest points of the room where your lighting can sit comfortably. This rustic sleeping area incorporates multiple light fixture styles that add contrast to the wood-paneled ceiling and walls.


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6. Think about flexibility.

You'll occasionally have limited lighting options in your attic because of the wiring (or lack thereof), but that doesn't mean you can't add a few extra bursts of radiance. Karen of Making Spaces used a plug-in cord to create this affordable wall fixture, simply wrapping the bulb around a hook for an effortlessly chic finish.


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7. Layer up.

Attic spaces typically lack natural light, so it's important to layer your lighting to ensure every nook is covered. Don't just settle for a pendant fixture if you have extra room. Make way for a floor lamp, table lamps, spotlights, and track lighting when possible. This relaxing bedroom from Emily Henderson uses different types of fixtures to zone the room and add different textures.

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