This Attic Bedroom Furniture Shopping Guide Is About to Become Your New BFF

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Home is where the heart is, and our hearts are happiest when we're well rested. So the bedroom, the place we start and end our days, should be a top priority when decorating. We ask a lot of our sleeping quarters: to motivate us in the morning, relax us at night, and sometimes act as a home theater, office, or toddler tickle space. Consequently, finding the right style is important. And attic bedroom furniture, in particular, can be especially tricky to choose.

The sloped ceilings, awkward layouts, and limited light can be roadblocks when choosing larger pieces. But don't worry — that's where we come in. When outfitted properly, an attic dwelling can feel like a sanctuary, your own cozy cove for unwinding and getting eight hours of rest (if you're lucky).

Here's our guide to all things attic bedroom furniture and decor to help streamline your shopping experience.

Focus on the most important piece — the bed.

First things first: the bed. To determine which size mattress your attic will allow, measure (and then measure again). Keep in mind the staircase situation and how much clearance you'll want around the frame, too. Can you place it in the middle of the attic, or does the bed need to be tucked under a sloped wall?

A lower headboard (we love this woven cane option from Crate & Barrel and this sleek design from IKEA) will ground the bed without blocking too much natural light or overwhelming stunted ceilings. Under-the-bed storage is key too, since closet capacity is often rare in these elevated rooms (West Elm carries great space-saving units as does Wayfair). Tucking a drawer beneath your bed will allow you to store not-quite-everyday items like out-of-season shoes or extra sheets.

Lastly, bedding is key to a good night's sleep. And since temperatures tend to fluctuate in attics more than in other parts of the house, choose weather-flexible fabrics, such as linen. Schoolhouse and Brooklinen carry breathable sets that make a statement while adding color and texture to your largest piece of furniture. Rugs, like these from Serena & Lily, will introduce warmth and pattern; layer one under your bed to anchor the space.

Maximize your storage with creative solutions.

With awkward layouts and limited closet space, you'll have to get creative with attic bedroom storage; make the most of every inch. Built-in bookshelves are your best bet since they can be customized to fit perfectly without taking up too much real estate.

And while tall, freestanding dressers may not fit under the sloped walls, long and low cabinets will. How about this one from West Elm?

Take advantage of natural light.

Lighting is critical in an attic space, and you'll likely need to enhance what little natural rays you receive. A statement fixture, like a chandelier mounted at the highest point in the room, can draw the eye up and create an illusion of spaciousness. On either side of the bed, add wall sconces and table lamps; they'll enhance symmetry. Be wary of adding floor lamps, though. Depending on your square footage, they might feel overwhelming.

For an attic bedroom with multiple windows, you'll want control over the sunlight situation. If you have skylights, motorized curtains will help. We're big fans of Velux's room-darkening skylight shades, which can be scheduled to open and close whenever you wish.

Where to Shop for Attic Bedroom Furniture and Decor

The Container Store

Making the most of storage and organization is essential to configuring an attic bedroom. If you're lucky enough to have a closet, take advantage of The Container Store's custom planner, and stock up on their organizational systems to keep your space clutter-free.

Room & Board

This is a one-stop shop for bedroom pieces — everything from bed frames and mattresses, to light fixtures and mirrors. The company has midcentury vibes that can be translated in both modern and timeless ways. Before buying, browse their space-saving furniture ideas.


This beloved Portland, Oregon-based retailer produces lighting pieces that are bound to be passed down from generation to generation. Add the brand's wall sconces on either side of your bed, and use Schoolhouse pendants or chandeliers for elegant overhead illumination.


Your bedding sets the scene for the entire room, so choose wisely. We're fans of Brooklinen's sheet bundles, which come in classic but not-boring colors and patterns. Add layers of pillows, as well as a throw blanket near the foot of the bed, for additional warmth and texture.

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