How to Get the Super Stylish Industrial Basement of Your Dreams

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Making the most of your subterranean space can be a challenge. More often than not, our lower levels aren't finely finished, and they're used primarily for storage. But the good news about an industrial basement is that with a little decluttering, you can lean into the rawness of the room and wind up with a seriously stylish game zone, bar area, or guest bedroom.


If you already have concrete floors and exposed ceilings, you're more than halfway there. Here are some ideas on how to achieve an industrial basement whether you want to go all out or just a little in.

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1. Make sure you include metallic finishes.

If you want to add an industrial vibe to your already awesome basement, choose shelving that is either all metal or that has metallic accents — like the bookcase in this room by Kismet House. It's an easy way to bring in some edge.

2. Embrace your concrete floors.

If you have an unfinished basement, your floors are probably concrete. This is perfect for an industrial space. You can choose to stain them or keep them simple like Emily Henderson did here.


3. Give your wine cellar some attitude.

If you're using some or all of your industrial basement as a wine room, forgo the traditional wood look and add some glass and metal doors to showcase your shiraz. This sleek cellar by L. Kae Interiors nails it.



4. Give your fireplace some texture.

Got a basement fireplace on your list? Try out a concrete mantle like RD Architecture did in this fully-furnished industrial basement. And check out how using the same material with a high gloss finish on the floor adds a little drama. The black metal staircase complements it all perfectly.


5. Accessorize it.

Your basement bar may not be top-to-bottom industrial, but barstools and light fixtures that match the raw style will edge up even a somewhat traditional setup like this one.



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