Basement Furniture Ideas That Will Make Your Space Feel Fresh

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You planned your bedroom, found the perfect living room decor, and now it's time to pick out the basement furniture. In this case, it might not seem like you saved the best for last, because, yes. Basements can be dark and uninviting. But they don't have to be. Whether you have windows in your downstairs space or not, you can make things feel fresh.


We are complete advocates of displaying statement art work on the basement walls. And in the spirit of renovation, you should paint down there, too. Give the ceilings some love while you're at it. And then move on to the really fun stuff — furniture. You don't have to blow your budget on pricey items, either. Vintage or reclaimed pieces can work just as well and they usually have character to spare.

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Here are a few basement furniture ideas that will make you look forward to a redesign.

1. Add a table for game nights.

You'll likely spend many a night playing card and board games in your basement. So you'll need a spot to gather around. A large table like this one would be perfect. If you thrift a similar style or find an option with farmhouse details, you won't have to worry about being too precious with the piece. It can take a beating!


Get the look: Crate and Barrel Basque Honey Dining Table, $599

2. Then find the perfect accent chairs.

Even if you don't have a dedicated basement entryway like this one from Chango & Co., you should deck out your space with accent chairs that everyone will want to plop right into. They'll make your basement feel more like a well-styled apartment, and you can center them on a cute rug to give those cold floors more texture.


Get the look: Anthropologie Hannah Slipcover Chair, $998

3. Make sure the storage is stylish.

Floating anything looks good, but when you mount shelves or a storage unit on the wall, you take your decor to the next level. That's part of the reason we love this Nest Architecture basement so much. Even though there are a lot of individual cubbies and shelves in this storage system, it still looks airy and light.



Get the look: Urban Outfitters Modular Stacking Storage System, $179

4. Incorporate plush ottomans.

The great thing about ottomans is they can do double duty. Use them to prop up your feet when you're watching TV or sitting in front of the basement fireplace (in this case you want a plush or furry option). Or have a few ottomans take the place of a more traditional coffee table, which could feel too bulky.


Get the look: Wayfair Leander Stool, $41.99

5. Get the deepest sectional possible.

Coziness is of the utmost importance here, so don't settle for a tiny loveseat or two-seater couch. You want a sectional, and you want it to be deep. Think something that has a seating depth of at least 28 inches. As for throw pillows and blankets, the more the merrier.


Get the look: Anthropologie Edlyn Chaise Sectional, $3,298

6. Don't forget the bar.

We're not saying the bar is the best part of any basement. But we're not not saying that, either. So if you add one to the space, dress it accordingly. Functional barstools, perhaps in a light rattan or even a colorful fabric, will bring the space together. And if you feel like stepping outside of the box a little, place a modern lamp on the bar counter as well.

Get the look: Wayfair Venallo Wooden Bar Table, $369.99 & Wayfair Ayanna Bar & Counter Stool, $220



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