These Basement Paint Colors Will Make Your Walls Feel Both Timeless and Fresh

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When choosing the perfect basement paint colors, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Think about the intended functionality of the space to ensure that the paint and lighting work together to create the right energy.


Will the space be used almost exclusively as a family room? Or do you need a multifunctional basement that serves as a play area and a zone for games and entertainment? Calming colors can work to create the right mood for lounging while brighter tones will liven things up and occasionally create the illusion of a larger space.

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No matter which basement paint colors you settle on, adding a little bit of personality to the walls will help you reimagine your once-forgettable storage room as a comfortable livable space.

Here are some of the trendiest hues.

1. Classic White

Simple, stylish, and easy to design around, a good white paint can create a lovely backdrop in any room, especially a basement. It can brighten up the space by bouncing light around. Plus, it makes a more farmhouse basement with a neutral rug and simple furniture feel fresh.


Get the look: Valspar, Ultra White

2. Black

You might not initially think black paint belongs in a basement, but the moody color can actually work in the right space. Take this basement wine cellar from Amy Storm & Company. It has so much personality because of the black accent wall. The wine shelves look stunning and functional, too. If you go this route, though, make sure to invest in a great light fixture like the one here.



Get the look: Sherwin-Williams, Black Magic

3. Sky Blue

Envisioning your basement as more of a makeshift playroom or lounge space? Try embracing one of the brighter basement paint colors like light blue. Not only will this tone make you feel happier, but it will also help open the area and make it easier to design around heavier furniture. Add a neutral rug and maybe even an accent wallpaper to tie everything together.


Get the look: Behr, Denim Light

4. Green

Most basements start out feeling cold and shut off from the rest of the house, but you can add some life to the space with a fun green paint. We like how this Studio McGee space used colorful throw pillows to complement the green shiplap but went for neutral, leather ottomans to keep things grounded.


Get the look: Behr, Global Green

5. Gray

If you're lucky enough to have a particularly large, open-concept basement that feels like a living room, then you might want to consider some darker, minimalist paint shades. Dark gray walls, for example, can create a calming, cocoon-like space. And if you add a cozy fireplace, as Chango & Co. did, even better.



Get the look: Sherwin Williams, Cyberspace

6. Teal

We love this rich teal basement paint color idea from Jenn Feldman Designs. It looks chic but approachable at the same time. And that upholstered coffee table makes us long for all kinds of basement gatherings. Coat your own walls with this shade, but to maximize the impact, paint the ceilings, too. Add a pair of art deco wall sconces, and you're all set.

Get the look: Dunn-Edwards, Encore Teal



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