7 Ways to Brighten a Room

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There's nothing nicer than a light, bright home. But if you've found yourself living in a first floor apartment or in a house that doesn't receive much natural light, unobstructed daylight can seem highly elusive. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have Instagram-worthy lighting all day, after all. You don't have to live in the dark — follow these seven tips to help illuminate your space, and your home can feel as light and airy as you please.

1. Paint your space lighter, including the ceiling.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but painting your space lighter makes all the difference. If your ceilings are covered in dark wood, or are simply a darker color, don't hesitate to throw on a coat of white paint.

2. Add sheer curtains.

Curtains can block out a surprising amount of light, even if they're fully open. Sheer curtains look pretty and solve this problem in a jiffy.

3. Install lighter floors.

Same concept as the walls: just lighten and brighten everything up, including your floors. There are some really pretty light grey and blonde oak options out there. You can either lighten your existing wood floors or install brand new flooring.

4. Add more lighting.

There's no such thing as too much. Can lights, chandeliers, lamps...just stay away from fluorescent lighting, to keep the look soft. In spaces where floor lamps aren't an option, improvise. For example, under-cabinet lights work great in a kitchen.

5. Add mirrors.

Mirrors give the illusion of a larger space and also reflect back light from your windows. The larger the mirror, the better. Just place them opposite your windows.

6. Clean your windows.

Speaking of windows, when was the last time you cleaned yours? Grimy windows aren't doing anyone a favor and actually do block out a decent amount of light. Not sure of the best way to clean them? Vinegar is a simple and natural solution.

7. Move any furniture that blocks your windows.

Once again, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Make sure not even one inch of sunlight is being blocked by a bed or your couch.

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