How to Clean Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are delicate and can become entangled in a washing machine. The washing machine's agitation may snag or rip the curtains, leaving you with an unusable mess. Hand washing delicate lace and sheer curtains is the only safe way to ensure being able to continue using them. After washing, the sheer curtains will be ready to rehang in minutes.

Step 1

Remove the sheer curtains from their rods. If they are extremely dusty, shake them gently to remove any excess dust. Fold the curtains length wise and then in half, until they are folded small enough to fit into a sink or plastic container. Do not just wad them up.

Step 2

Use your kitchen sink or two plastic containers. Fill whatever you are using about half way full with warm water. If you are using plastic containers on the floor, sit them on an old sheet to protect the floor area from water splashes.

Step 3

Add just a couple of squirts of your favorite dish liquid. You don't want a lot of bubbles because it will be to hard to rinse out. If you are using plastic containers on the floor, fill one half way up with rinse water. If you are using a double-sided kitchen sink, use one side to wash and the other to rinse.

Step 4

Place the folded curtains into the warm soapy water. Gently shove them down to submerge them entirely. Let them soak in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Use this soaking time to clean the windows.

Step 5

Gently swish the curtains around in the water before removing them. Do not wad or twist them when you remove them from the wash water. Squeeze as much water out as you can and then slide them into the clean rinse water. Swish them around with your hand.

Step 6

Lay several heavy towels out on the floor, table or counter top. Wring the sheer curtains out gently and place them in the towels. Unfold them so that they cover the towel's surface. Roll the towel up like a jelly roll. Let the rolled towel sit for a few minutes so that it absorbs the excess water from the sheer curtains.

Step 7

Unroll the towel and gently shake the sheer curtains out. They should be nearly dry. If they are not, re-roll them into dry towels and wait a few more minutes. Hang the sheer curtains back up while they are slightly damp.

Donna Thacker

Donna Thacker has been a writer/photographer for over 15 years. She held the position of associate editor/writer/photographer at Biker Ally Magazine. She currently is a photojournalist for The Biking Life, and has been featured on the front page of The Greenville Advocate, The Hillsboro Journal and The Sorento News. Thacker also designed and published several booklets of historical interest for local organizations.