The Definitive Guide to Doing Laundry Better (Not Longer), Straight From a Cleaning Expert

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If your weekly or not-so-weekly laundry routine feels like an actual burden that leaves you ignoring your overflowing basket, it's time to rethink how you approach your cleaning.


"For some people, doing laundry is therapeutic, however, for most people it is a tedious chore," says Katie Brown, owner of Rytina Fine Cleaners and Launderers in Sacramento, California. (Retweet.) "Laundry grows in size by the day, and if not taken care of on a regular basis, becomes cumbersome and time consuming." Ignoring until it's too late clearly only makes it worse, so what's the solution?

"One positive thing about laundry duty is that it doesn't need all of your attention at once — you can simply load it, then walk away until the buzzer sounds, repeat and finally fold." (Hello, productivity!) That is, of course, if you find the right machinery that's durable, powerful, and can keep up with your always-growing dirty clothes hamper.

Brown's first piece of advice here? "Research and purchase excellent washing machines and dryers," she says. "I have...Miele washers that can clean just about anything. Technology and the human touch goes a long way." (You heard it here first, folks.)

And with WiFi capabilities, a two-phase automatic detergent dispensing system and a brand-new AllergyWash program option for a deeper clean against germs, Miele's new high-quality W1 Washers and T1 Dryers are your answer to cutting down on laundry time while also simultaneously boosting the level of clean.

The right equipment? Check. Now, keep scrolling for more expert tips on how to make your laundry routine more efficient, effective and honestly way easier on you.

1. Manage your mindset

The feelings of "no" that come along with laundry day can probably be boiled down to how you're setting yourself up for success. Of course we'd all rather be chilling on the couch or soaking in the sun, but clean clothes are a must.


"Approach cleaning and laundry duties with the same strategy you use at work to successfully accomplish your job," Brown says. See? It's all about creating some structure to your routine.

"Set up a laundry schedule depending upon the amount you produce (a single person is much easier than a family of five!)." If you're free after work, knock out folding while you're binging a few episodes on TV or start a load while you wait for dinner to cook — it's about finding those moments that slot into ​your​ day, rather than the other way around.

Of course, it helps if you can make the laundry experience even faster. Miele is the brains behind something called QuickIntenseWash (ahem, your dream speed cycle), which uses special technology to save time, water, and energy, which means you get a deep clean in 49 minutes — otherwise known as one episode of your favorite show.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

2. Sort smartly

One of the most tedious elements of any laundry regimen is sorting through your two weeks worth of clothes pile-turned-mountain to make sure you're not mixing up any colors, and ruining yet another pair of now-pink underwear.

But, don't stop with the colors — Brown says to sort by color ​and​ type for best-possible results. "Sorting by color helps prevent fading and color transfer, and sorting by type helps keep everything organized," she adds.

On top of sorting smartly from the get-go, Brown recommends keeping personal laundry baskets and mesh bags on hand. "Stock up on mesh bags to sort whites, darks, socks and undergarments by family member," she says. "Items can be washed and dried in these bags, keeping each person's items together and making folding go quickly."


Yes, we just cut your folding and put-away time in half — but you can also get a time-saving assist from technology. Miele's auto-dispensing detergent system means it instantly doles out the right amount of suds for every load, from bright colors to minimal whites (so yes, you don't have to think about it).

3. Don't wait to wash

If the Sunday scaries are partly due to all of your chores hitting you at once (we feel you), maybe this is a sign to switch up your washing days. Instead of waiting around for your hamper to tell you, do laundry several times a week, so you can prevent any of that classic basket buildup that tends to cause more stress.

Plus, Brown says smaller loads are much easier on you to wash, dry, fold and put away. And while Miele's W1 washing machine can fit up to three baskets of clothes (aka over 17 pounds worth!), it also has the flexibility to handle only half loads, without the added energy of typical washing machines. Meanwhile, with SingleWash, you can efficiently clean super small loads (think: after a workout or when you're desperately in need of that one favorite top) faster and more economically. Saving time ​and​ the planet? We think yes.

So, even if you do let your hamper go wild for a few weeks, you've stocked up on the high-quality Miele machines to get the job done, and now have a handful of expert hacks that'll turn laundry day into an easy, everyday (non-dread-worthy!) part of your life.