The Best Wine Fridges on Amazon

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So, you're looking to buy a wine cooler. Since you're here, chances are wine has become somewhat of a hobby of yours. Whether you've started to collect more wine than you can store, you're sick of wines going bad, or you just wish your favorites would be temperature-ready at all times, you don't need to be a budding sommelier to reap the benefits of an at-home wine fridge. It not only helps wine age properly and maintains flavor for a longer time, but it also doesn't have to cost a fortune.


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But, wine coolers can vary dramatically, so before you start shopping, it's helpful to know what kind of features to look for, specific to your needs.

Why is a wine cooler important?

First, it's important to note ​why​ a wine cooler is beneficial, and the biggest thing to remember is that wine is fragile. Temperature, humidity, sun exposure, and storage can all play huge factors in how long and well wines last. Fridges can be too cold and not humid enough; cabinets are often way too dry and warm — and all of this can affect how your wine will taste in as little as two to three weeks.


We chatted with wine expert Evan Conroy from Winc about the key benefits of owning a wine fridge, and here are the three main takeaways:

  1. All wines should be kept in a cool, dry place and on their sides so the cork remains moist. All of these elements are accounted for with a wine fridge, allowing for ultimate longevity of the product.
  2. Temperature regulation is very important for the various types of wine. Many wine fridges offer dual-temperature selection, so the top is one temperature and the bottom is another, making it conducive to storing a variety of bottles.
  3. While white wine is generally consumed at a cooler temperature than red wine — which is typically served room temperature or slightly below room temperature — Conroy emphasizes that the temperature of the wine is ultimately up to the consumer's individual preferences. With this in mind, a wine fridge allows for the optimal amount of control over temperature.


What should you look for when making the purchase?

When it comes to wine coolers, perhaps the biggest differentiator is the number of zones a cooler offers. Dual-zone wine coolers can let you keep different kinds of wine (i.e., white and red) at different temperatures or can maintain one temperature for long-term storage and another for wines you're prepping for serving and drinking. There are also different kinds of cooling mechanisms: Traditional compressor-based refrigeration units tend to be a little noisy, while newer thermoelectric coolers are quieter and have no moving parts to vibrate the wine, disturbing the sediment — although the latter can also struggle with keeping the cooler at the perfect temperature in very hot climates.


Further, some wine coolers come with special features like LED lighting, digital displays, and fancy styling, while others are much more utilitarian. Either way, you can't really go wrong when it comes to wine coolers — all options can help your beloved beverage last longer and taste better.

Ready to up your wine game? We've rounded up the six top-rated wine coolers to help care for your collection.


The Best Wine Fridges on Amazon

Best for Beginners

This is a single-zone cooler that keeps all 15 of your bottles within the temperature range of 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit using a thermoelectric cooling system. The freestanding design can accommodate floor, table, or countertop placement, and measures 27 inches tall. It's simple and easy to use but doesn't include many of the "fancier" features of other models, like slide-out drawers or dual-zone temps, but it works like a charm.


Best for Small Spaces

This slimline cooler is clearly designed to fit in tight spaces. Measuring less than 10 inches wide and 31.2 inches high, you can potentially tuck it between other appliances, at the end of a counter, or in a pantry. It's also thermoelectrically cooled, so it runs very quietly and energy efficiently.


A two-zone cooler, it holds 18 bottles in total, with space for 10 bottles in the top zone, which runs 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the remaining eight bottles in the bottom zone, which can be set from 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have larger bottles that will fit on the included shelving, you can rearrange the cooler by removing shelves to accommodate them.


The overall appliance has an elegant appearance, with a black metal case, reflective smoked glass, and a stainless steel rim. There's a digital touchpad on the front as well.

Best for Countertops

If your wine storage needs are modest, the Koolatron 6-bottle cooler might be just what you're looking for. This fridge stands just 14.5 inches high and weighs just 17 pounds, making it easy to move around. Plus, it's thermoelectrically cooled (with a range of 46-66 degrees Fahrenheit), so it's virtually silent.

The all-black case features a wide black bezel around the smoked glass door. There's a digital temperature display and large touch controls atop the door, along with a button to turn on the interior light.

As you'd expect with coolers this small, they offer a single temperature zone and the racks are removable, so you can rearrange the interior or make room to store a few oversized bottles.

Best Overall

When it comes to judging appliances on the internet, sometimes you just have to go with what sells. Utilizing a high-quality compressor and dual fan circulating system, this built-in or standalone wine cooler keeps consistent temperature and humidity with dual-zone temperatures. The upper zone ranges from 41-55.4 degrees, while the lower zone stays between 55.4-64.4 degrees. There is also a temperature memory function in case of a power outage to ensure your wine stays at peak freshness.

This cooler includes a smart touchscreen, stainless steel double-layered tempered glass to keep everything in tip-top shape, and can hold up to 30 standard-size Bordeaux bottles.

Best Budget Buy

This single-zone wine cooler has a fairly conservative look thanks to the simple smoked glass door and a simple temperature display and minimal touch controls at the top, but the frosted glass is built to block out harmful UV rays that can damage the wine. It holds 18 bottles and is billed as a countertop model, but since it stands about 25 inches high, you'll likely have to set it on the floor. The shelves are designed to slide out for easy access to your wine collection.

Powered with a thermoelectric cooling system, Ivation says it's super quiet and won't vibrate the wine bottles, which allows your wine to settle and age properly. It offers a temperature range of 54-64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best for Savants

If you take your wine very seriously and are looking for a true return on investment, this premium wine fridge is exactly what you need. While certainly not budget-friendly at $1,500, this fully-loaded "beverage center" includes dual independent cooling zones and the ability to store up to 35 standard Bordeaux wine bottles on seven pull-out shelves and 90 cans of beer or soda on four fixed shelves.

There is a digital touchscreen to easily control temperature without having to open the door, and each side has the widest range of temps — the left zone ranges from 41-72 degrees, while the right zone ranges from 36-72 degrees.

It can fit under most counters, clocking in at 33.5 inches tall and 30.25 inches deep, but can also be used as a standalone unit. Plus, it uses 25% less energy thanks to its ETL certified compressor, while still offering optimal care for your wine.