These Basement Door Ideas Will Wow Guests Before They Even Walk In

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Design enthusiasts will eagerly assure you that the appearance of your basement entryway is just as important as what you see after crossing the threshold. If you're converting the common storage area into a livable space, seeking out basement door ideas should absolutely be on your to-do list. Oftentimes, these underground havens receive design upgrades that turn them into the best spots in the house. And at least some of that credit goes to the basement door.


You probably feel like the success of your decor is hinged on your entry, but allow us to get rid of the decision-making pressure. These six basement door ideas will help get your creative design wheels turning:

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1. Dutch Door

An invite into this modern farmhouse basement from Chango & Co. could very well turn into a permanent stay. The comfy gray sofa, oversize accent ottoman, and dinette set give off a "the more, the merrier" vibe. Meanwhile, the eye-catching black Dutch door in the corner adds a unique touch and creates contrast between the white walls.

2. French Doors

These French doors help brighten a space that's typically low on natural light, but this modern basement has more than an exterior entrance working in its favor. In conjunction with the light wall color and light hardwood floors, the doors make for a space that feels open and airy.


3. Rustic Double Doors

Interior solid wood doors manage to be cool and elegant at the same time. This space by Kelly Nutt Design highlights a gorgeous set of sturdy basement doors with rustic handles. And they open into a room that is just as simple and chic with more wood tones, recessed ceiling lights, and gray walls.



4. Frosted Glass Door

The ideal basement bedroom is a comfy, secluded spot that maximizes privacy. And the frosted glass door in this lower level apartment helps create that vibe. It goes well with the gray flooring, and the wood accents create warmth.


5. Wood Door With Glass Panels

This basement door idea from Donald Lococo Architects is easily one of our faves. To pull off this look, you can't be shy about mixing materials and colors. The entryway features a wood and glass door and clever wall hooks for outerwear. The fresh theme continues in the industrial-meets-modern kitchen where a painted brick wall stands out.


6. Barn Door

This beautiful sliding barn door instantly adds so much character to a simple basement sleeping space. We love the contrast between the rich wood wall paneling and the lighter-toned door. Plus, the gold metallic accessories add spark and keep a relatively basic design from skewing too plain.



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