26 Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas That Are Oh-So-Luxurious

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When it comes to sharing space in your home, no other room is quite as challenging as the bathroom. It's a deeply personal area that requires a lot of organization. Whether you share your primary bathroom with a significant other, or you're designing an en suite for multiple guests or little ones, a double vanity makes perfect sense. A double vanity is exactly what it sounds like — an extended vanity outfitted for two individuals. It features two bathroom sinks and typically includes cabinets, drawers, shelving, or a combination of all three. Not only do you get double the counter space, but you also get ample storage options and each person gets their own dedicated area.


"Functionality for each person is important to keep in mind as far as making sure to have not only enough storage but the right type of storage," says Dominique Coffman, VP of design at Design West. "Another important factor in designing a double vanity would be [the] location and needs for electrical. In order to have additional electrical [outlets], we can add them inside the vanity drawers or ... even hide them within medicine cabinets for electric toothbrushes to charge out of site."

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In both big and small bathrooms, double vanities are a luxury. However, if you are working with a spatially challenged space, the shape and size of the vanity should be dictated by the square footage of your space. As a general rule of thumb, West advises a minimum of six feet to make a double vanity work. However, she notes that seven or eight feet would be better and would ensure plenty of countertop and storage space for each person. If your bathroom can't comfortably fit two people side by side, forgo a double vanity altogether. After all, the point is to make it easy for two people to access separate sinks at the same time. And remember: You'll also need to factor in the cost of double the plumbing, fixtures, and materials into your bottom line.


On the other hand, in an expansive bathroom, a double vanity can add visual weight and help ground the overall space. Additionally, the design choice means more storage space and an elevated look. If you have the space and budget for your remodel, we say go all in on a double sink bathroom vanity.

26 Double Vanity Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Add pattern with a backsplash.

A double vanity naturally takes up more square footage, which leaves a large blank space above your cabinet. Consider filling that void with an eye-catching backsplash, like the patterned tile design seen in this beautiful bathroom by Lindye Galloway Interiors.


2. Go colorful.

Okay, so we know that you're likely gravitating toward white sinks for your double vanity. That makes complete sense, and we bet you'd love them for years to come. But, have you considered pushing the envelope with a pair of colorful sinks? They'll add double the color to your vanity design, as demonstrated by the blush pink vessels spotted in this bath by Kelly of Studio DIY.



3. Celebrate symmetry.

Double vanity bathroom ideas automatically lend themselves to a symmetrical feel. Take that balanced look a step further by adding a matching pair of mirrors, sconces, and fixtures to the mix. See: The visuals perfected in this bathroom belonging to Beth of 1111 Light Lane.


4. Stick to a cohesive palette.

Another way to achieve consistent aesthetics in a bathroom with a double vanity is through color and finishes. For instance, in this bathroom by Christina of Greige Design, the wood vanity pairs beautifully with the wood-framed mirrors while the finish of the cabinet hardware and faucets are a seemingly perfect match.


5. Integrate double the storage.

The nice thing about a double vanity cabinet is that you'll get loads of bonus storage in your bathroom. Make the most of it like Anita Yokota with a design that includes plenty of drawers and shelving for towels.



6. Opt for vessel sinks.

You can choose any type of sink for your double vanity, but we personally enjoy the look of side-by-side vessel sinks. They look and feel a bit more modern and decorative than standard sinks — a look that Jess of Bright Green Door nailed in this bathroom.


7. Pair with traditional details.

Double vanity bathrooms have been around for decades, so in the spirit of tradition, it makes sense to weave in some classic elements alongside your vanity. For instance, this bathroom designed by Bria Hammel Interiors has no shortage of timeless features, including floral wallpaper, subway tile backsplash, white marble countertop, penny tile flooring, and shaker-style cabinetry. What's not to love?


8. Install undermount sinks for more counter space.

We'll sing the praises of vessel sinks all day long, but if you're one to make ‌a lot‌ of Sephora runs, we highly recommend undermount sinks. The simple design choice will instantly give you more counter space and uninterrupted visuals. Leslie of The Leslie Style even had room to display a large woven basket and some glass containers on top of her vanity.


9. Illuminate with pendant lights.

If the walls in your bathroom are starting to feel a little crowded, consider lighting each sink with a pendant light instead. That's what Sarah of Room for Tuesday did in this guest bath, using globe-style fixtures. The idea not only blends into the design seamlessly, but also provides ample overhead lighting for detailed tasks such as shaving and applying makeup.

10. Draw the eyes with a dramatic cabinet color.

Double vanity or not, we are big fans of colorful cabinetry. Kiss those white cabinets goodbye and try out gray instead, à la this bathroom by Jenny of Juniper Home. Balance the moody hue with white walls and a white countertop.

11. Embrace minimalism.

Let's say that you don't want your bathroom to look busy or cluttered. In this case, we suggest a minimalist bathroom vanity idea like the one employed by Amber Interiors. The flat panel cabinetry sans hardware paired with undermount sinks results in a clean and simple finish. And notice how all of the toiletries are tucked away and out of sight.


12. Stick to one metal finish.

If mixing metal finishes makes you nervous, especially when it comes to double the fixtures, lighting, and cabinet hardware. Keep it simple and stick to one finish throughout your space. Robert and Lauren of Bless'er House did just that in this farmhouse bathroom — opting to use matte black all around, resulting in a cohesive and handsome look.

13. Work around an architectural feature.

If you're partial to a double vanity, but have architectural features (like a window) that need to be worked around, not to worry. There aren't any hard and fast rules dictating that a double vanity needs to be one continuous piece of furniture. Two separate vanities, like the pair seen in this transitional bath by Chango & Co. look less cumbersome and provide balance — especially when paired with matching waterfall countertops, faucets, and frameless medicine cabinets.

14. Hang one long bathroom mirror for unobstructed sight lines.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Make a small space feel larger with the help of one vanity mirror that runs the length of the double vanity. A single long mirror, like the one spotted in this setup, will reflect even more light and impart a unified look, since the eyes don't have to jump from one mirror to the other.

15. Try out a floating vanity.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Despite their larger size, double vanities don't have to overwhelm a bathroom. In fact, a floating vanity, like the one above, not only gives the illusion of more space, but it also facilitates cleaning and exposes more of the beautiful floor tile. Complement the modern appeal of a wall-mounted vanity cabinet with minimal light fixtures and accessories.

16. Include a primping station.

Vanities can be about more than just double the sinks and storage. If space allows, upgrade your morning routine by including a dedicated makeup or hair styling station replete with a comfy perch and a countertop large enough to house most oft-used items. Tack a primping area onto the end of a long vanity or create symmetry, as Daleet Spector did in this soothing bathroom, by putting one between the sink areas.

17. Add warmth with wood wall paneling.

Balance a dramatic color with warm details to keep your space from feeling cold and sterile. In this modern bathroom by Raili CA Design, a black double vanity cabinet with matching integrated trough sink might otherwise look too severe if not for the wood wall paneling and flooring which impart rustic appeal and coziness.

18. Let your countertop be a focal point.

Elevate functionally-driven spaces by selecting beautiful materials. Dress your double vanity in show-stopping natural stone, like the Calacatta viola marble Heidi Caillier selected. Pair with brass faucets, framed mirrors, and vintage sconces. These beautiful elements will make spending time in your bathroom an absolute joy.

19. Splurge on bespoke cabinetry.

Let's face it: Most vanities are a bit bulky. If your budget allows, eschew the standard out-of-the-box double vanity for bespoke cabinetry that marries functionality with a streamlined profile. This custom piece by Jessica Helgerson Design has a curvaceous silhouette and brings together wood, metal, and marble for a freestanding piece of furniture that anchors the entire bathroom.

20. Add personality with considered details.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Bathrooms are notoriously sterile spaces with a list of necessities. A double vanity's expansive surface is ripe for considered accessories that will inject a welcome dose of character and personality — such as a vase of flowers and a unique tray, basket, or set of containers.

21. Opt for a pair of pedestal sinks.

Although it would mean sacrificing storage, side-by-side pedestal sinks are a welcome alternative to bulkier built-ins and still offer personal real estate. As seen in this elegant bathroom, two pedestal sinks are a versatile option that imbue elegance and a welcome sculptural quality that helps balance the hard lines washrooms are known for.

22. Mix metal finishes.

Mixing metal finishes is an effective way to add visual interest and contrast to bathrooms. Pair warm hues with warm finishes or opt for a neutral backdrop to eliminate any guesswork. For example, a monochrome background of white and Carrara marble in this space by Katie LeClerq flaunts a combo of gold and oil rubbed bronze hardware for a look that's equal parts glamorous and edgy.

"Another option to create a spa-like atmosphere is by incorporating different finishes and materials such as a single custom concrete integrated sink with two faucets [and] one drain. This gives a lot of functional room around the edges to get ready, while keeping the space clean and contemporary," says Ami McKay, president and principal designer of PURE Design.

23. Embrace a beachy vibe.

Give your double vanity a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Blue is a timeless choice that introduces calming coastal vibes. Punctuate the color scheme with bathroom decor that underscores the nautical theme, like the shiplap wall paneling, matching blue mirror, and striped towels spotted in this setup by Kristina Crestin.

24. Maximize the lighting.

Illuminate your double vanity with various light sources — both natural and artificial — to cast even light and facilitate grooming. Frame mirrors with pairs of wall sconces, as Jean Stoffer did or, if you have less wall space to work with, consider mounting a single vanity light above. Windows and skylights cast flattering light and soften harsh shadows.

25. Add a skirt.

From laundry rooms to kitchens to bathrooms, skirted cabinets have gone mainstream. The multitasking detail adds warmth, color, and softness to the hard surfaces and edges present in utilitarian spaces while concealing unsightly storage. In this approachable bathroom by Trinity Shay, the vintage appeal of a skirted double vanity is balanced by sophisticated details like a turned wood hutch, marble busts, and a thick marble countertop.

26. Texturize cabinetry.

A double vanity means more opportunity to flaunt intricate cabinet details. Traditional shaker style drawer fronts have given way to paneling ideas like reeded and fluted drawers which add interest and a lovely sculptural quality. For example, Ashley Montgomery employed reeded drawers for dimension and depth in this approachable bathroom design.



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