Remodeling? Let Us Suggest These Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas

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There are lots of things you can do to majorly upgrade your bathroom, and one of them is embracing a double vanity setup.


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A double vanity is exactly what you think it is — an extended vanity that includes two bathroom sinks and typically features cabinets as well. If you share your bathroom with a significant other or if you're designing a bathroom for multiple guests or little ones, a double vanity makes a lot of sense. It's also awesome because you get double the counter space.


But then there are some cons to consider. A double vanity can be more difficult to install than its single sink counterparts, and it also will require substantial space (60 to 72 inches on average compared to the typical 36 to 48 inches of a single vanity) — so small bathrooms are a no-go. And lastly, since more is more when it comes to double vanity bathroom ideas, you'll need to factor more plumbing, fixtures, and materials into your bottom line.


If you have the space, time, and budget, we say go all in with a double vanity. You can get started with these 12 inspiring bathrooms.

1. Frame your vanity with a gorgeous backsplash.

A double vanity naturally takes up more room, which means there could be a huge blank space above your vanity that isn't so pretty. Instead, we recommend filling up that space with an oh-so-beautiful backsplash, like this patterned attention-grabber seen in a bath designed by Lindye Galloway Interiors.


2. Go colorful.

OK, so we know that you're likely gravitating toward white sinks for your double vanity. That makes complete sense, and we bet you'll love them for years to come. But, have you considered pushing the envelope with a pair of colorful sinks? They will add double the color to your vanity, seen in these pink sinks chosen by Kelly of Studio DIY.


3. Create symmetry.

Double vanity bathroom ideas automatically lend themselves to a symmetrical feel in a bath. Take that balanced look a step further by pairing a double vanity with mirrors, sconces, and fixtures that match up flawlessly. See: The visuals perfected in this bathroom designed by Christina of Greige Design.


4. Cohesiveness can be achieved with a palette.

Another way to achieve consistent aesthetics in a bathroom with a double vanity is through color. For instance, in this bathroom belonging to Beth of 1111 Light Lane, the black faucets partner up seamlessly with the black sconces and mirrors.


5. Double up on storage.

The nice thing about a double vanity is that you'll get loads of bonus storage in your bathroom. Make the most of it like Anita Yokota did in her bathroom by including nooks for towels and plenty of drawers.


6. Include two vessel sinks.

You can choose any type of sink for your double vanity, but we personally enjoy the look of side-by-side vessel sinks. They'll be a bit more modern and decorative than standard sinks, a look that Jess of Bright Green Door nailed in this bathroom.

7. Rely on traditional details.

Double vanity bathrooms have been around for decades, so in this traditional spirit, it makes sense to weave classic elements into your vanity. Although this bathroom designed by Bria Hammel Interiors is traditional, we think it's far from expected with its stunning floral wallpaper and vanity-to-ceiling subway tile.

8. Undermount sinks allow for more counter space.

We'll sing the praises of vessel sinks all day long, but if you're one to make a lot of Sephora runs, we highly recommend undermount sinks for your double vanity. You'll instantly have more counter space. Leslie of The Leslie Style even had room for a large basket and glass bottles on her vanity.

9. Add convenience to a guest bath.

Guests already love staying at your house, but do you know what they might love the most? The double vanity you added to their bathroom. That's what Sarah of Room for Tuesday did in this guest bath, and there's so much convenient goodness going on. Two sinks. Tons of cabinets for storage. And shelving for those travel must-haves.

10. Choose richly hued cabinets.

As in any bathroom, whether it has a double vanity or not, we are big fans of colorful cabinets. You don't necessarily need to go with white for your double vanity. Instead, try out gray, a color that Jenny of Juniper Home picked for this bathroom.

11. Focus on clean lines.

Let's say that you don't want your double vanity to look cluttered. In this case, we suggest undermount sinks and lots of clean, linear details, from the sink edges to the mirrors to the faucets. It's minimalism at its very best, seen in a bath designed by Amber of Amber Interiors.

12. Add functional touches.

If you're installing a double vanity, chances are you're going for function in your bathroom. Match it up with other functional accents that will make your vanity work to its fullest capacity. Don't forget a mix of cabinets and drawers, a sizable mirror, and lights that hang over each sink, elements that Lauren of Bless'er House included in her bathroom.