Anybody who's been through a bathroom renovation knows that the cost of remodels, including new cabinets, can add up. But here's a tried-and-true design trick: Opt for simple white cabinets in any style (super-streamlined or more traditional, take your pick), and they'll never look dated or go out of fashion. (You can also paint your bathroom cabinets white, if yours are a different color.)

And here's the best thing about white cabinets: You can treat them like a blank canvas. Just swap out colors, accents, hardware, and linens whenever you please for a totally different look — no need to makeover the whole room.

Here, we'll show you. Scroll on for eight different ways to style white bathroom cabinets.

1. Romantic

As much as white bathroom cabinets can be minimal, they can just as easily lean romantic. To get the look, paint the walls a subtle hue that's not stark white, like a super-pale blue or green; then, style with a gilded mirror, shaded sconces, a soft rug, and plenty of fresh flowers.

2. Black and White

If you have white bathroom cabinets, up the effect by continuing the black and white theme: Paint everything white and throw in a few black accents (like mirrors, light fixtures, and art). Feeling bold? Add a black rug, too.

3. Dark/Light

White Bathroom Cabinet with navy blue accent wall by Studio McGee
credit: Studio McGee

Instead of blending in, white bathroom cabinets pop into stark relief when set against a dark-painted wall. We suggest painting the wall behind the cabinets a deep, dark color — like the rich blueish-gray shade used in this project by Studio McGee — because it lends a little more dimension than plain gray or black does. Large mirrors and a fun rug balance out the look.

4. Tiled

In lieu of paint, follow the lead of Elizabeth Roberts and tile the wall behind your white bathroom cabinets. She opted for classic subway tile and dark grout. The result is graphic and modern, but still simple.

5. Glammed Up

A simple way to glitz up plain white bathroom cabinets (even if you're a renter)? Just follow the lead of Emily Henderson and swap in some new hardware and accessories, such as towel holders.

6. Colorful

White Bathroom Cabinet with patterned flooring and white subway tile shower by Chango & Co.
credit: Chango & Co.

Like we said, white bathroom cabinets are a great blank canvas. So why not go a little wild? Here's your chance to add in a funky shower curtain, bright towels, and maybe even some unexpected floor tiles à la this setup by Chango & Co.

7. Neutral

Floating White Bathroom Cabinet with black fixtures and patterned floor tileby Amber Thrane
credit: Amber Thrane

White cabinets always play well in a neutral bath outfitted with a patterned gray floor and white walls, like this one belonging to photographer Amber Thrane. Ready to change it up? Just add sculptural accessories like a contemporary light fixture and round mirror.

8. Minimalist

Streamlined, modern bathroom cabinets pair well with equally streamlined design elements: Think white walls, minimal hardware, and lots of glass and mirrors, like this serene and simple design from a couple's pared-back Portland townhouse.

Annie Quigley

Annie Quigley is a freelance writer, editor, and poet whose work has appeared in Remodelista, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere.