25 Clever Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Make the Most of That Blank Space

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We will always be fans of art prints here at Hunker. They are timeless and easy, and offer a wonderful way to show off your unique sense of style. That said, there are times we also love to push the envelope when it comes to wall decor — and the bedroom is a great place to take a few interior design risks. After all, sleeping quarters won't be seen frequently by guests, unlike the living room or kitchen, which makes it the perfect place for your distinctive personality to really shine.


So, let us voyage beyond the boundaries of standard framed artwork and look at some creative bedroom decorating ideas. From trendy fiber wall hangings to vintage finds to sculptural objects, we have no doubt that the following 25 ideas will spark your imagination.

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Ideas for Above the Bed

1. Hang an area rug.

This home decor idea is a bit outside the box, but we are so here for it — an area rug hung on the wall. It's a modern twist on traditional tapestries (rugs have a lot more heft) yet it will still add warmth and texture. Not to mention, if you live in an earthquake-prone area you can rest easy hanging it behind the bed. The team over at Leclair Decor shows us how it's done hanging a large area rug behind the upholstered headboard in this dreamy en suite.

2. Trade a framed piece of art for a sculpture.

Midcentury designers sure knew what they were doing back in the day, frequently turning to stunning metal sculptures to fill their walls instead of traditional artwork. The Brutalist-inspired piece displayed in a bedroom design by Studio Surface juxtaposes beautifully with pink, patterned wallpaper.


3. Collect vintage oil paintings.

What's better than one vintage oil painting? A whole gallery wall full of them, of course. After you've scored a few gems from local thrift shops, flea markets, and antique stores, arrange them above your headboard, as Yvonne of Painted Planks did in her bedroom. Major bonus points if you tie the paintings together with similar colors and scenery.



4. Opt for a simple mirror.

Sometimes, all it takes is a classic, clean mirror to complete a room. In this bedroom design belonging to Caitlin of The House on Beach Road, a round mirror sits on a long picture ledge that runs that length of the wall, alongside some houseplants.


5. Punctuate the room with an abstract painting.

If your bedroom leans more modern, an abstract painting will look just right. For example, in this moody space belonging to Miranda Schroeder, a black and white piece of art is matched up with ebony wall paint, resulting in a chic and edgy refuge. The brass sconces and multicolored area rug, flaunting shades of red, pink, and blue, are the perfect finishing touches.


6. Go boho with a macrame or woven wall hanging.

It doesn't look like the macrame trend is going anywhere soon, and we're not mad about it. Whether it's displayed in a bohemian bedroom or one that's decidedly minimalist, the woven medium lends a handmade textural quality that always looks good. For example, the woven artwork spotted in this bright and airy refuge by Kresswell Interiors makes for a unique piece of wall decor and feels right at home displayed above the bed.



7. Consider wall paneling.

Remember that you don't always have to use art to dress up the walls in your bedroom. One way to add visual interest is with wood paneling. From shiplap to board and batten to slat walls, there are a variety of different ways to bring the idea into your personal space. And you don't even need to to cover the entire wall as proven by this cozy-meets-modern setup belonging to Malcolm Simmons, showcased on Style by Emily Henderson.


8. Showcase a beloved tapestry.

To fill up the majority of the wall behind your headboard, consider a cool tapestry. In this small bedroom, styled by Marlene of Idle Hands Awake, the piece looks stunning against a navy blue backdrop.


9. Welcome a wreath made of dried florals.

For a look that's bohemian or even farmhouse, dried florals and grasses will always be a good choice — especially when they're displayed as a wreath. But don't take our word for it. Check out the lovely wreath hanging above the bed in this sanctuary crafted by Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling.



10. Invite feathers to the party.

A feathered juju hat (or any piece of wall decor that involves feathers) is not only completely unexpected, but it looks downright glamorous as well. And, as evidenced by this boho scene from Livette's Wallpaper, the bedroom idea looks particularly amazing when it's paired with wood paneling for a backdrop.

11. Search for the perfect vintage piece.

When it comes to interior design schemes, vintage pieces will always add a little something extra, and rattan wall hangings are no exception. Cruise flea markets and Facebook marketplace for that special find à la the intricately woven gem that Kelly of Studio DIY scored for this bedroom.

Ideas You Can Easily DIY

12. Try a wooden wall hanging.

In a bedroom, you can go big or go home when it comes to artwork, and since you might not want to clutter your walls with too many decorative accents, one giant wall hanging will likely do the trick. In this design by Emily Henderson, a sizable, wooden wall hanging takes up residence on one of the walls, and the end result looks amazing.


13. Make it your own with a DIY mural.

Get out the painter's tape! It's time to give your blank walls a makeover, or specifically, the wall right behind your bed. Giving this previously lifeless area the artistic treatment, Cassie Bustamante instantly upped the coolness factor of this bedroom with a geometric mural. Pro tip: You can achieve a similar look with large wall decals, too.

14. Go for broke with bold wallpaper.

Whether you want to tie a palette together or juxtapose different colors, wallpaper — the bolder, the better — is the answer. The zebra print in Jessica Brigham's bedroom is certainly a head-turning design moment that adds loads of visual interest behind the headboard.

15. Frame a vacation memory.

Don't be hard on yourself if a painted mural or wallpaper is a bit beyond your DIY talents. You can still make the area above your bed look personal with a vacation photo that you framed yourself. Take note of this bedroom design styled by Anastasia of The Identité Collective.

16. Craft a plant wall.

Perhaps your bedroom isn't complete without a little greenery. In that case, you can make your very own plant wall with the help of a few dowels and some pots, a look that can be pulled off even in a small space. Mandi of Vintage Revivals shows us how it's done.

17. Beads are eye-catching.

Tackling a DIY macrame wall hanging isn't always the easiest thing to do, so instead, why not go with beads? It's an easy-to-make alternative that Jen of The Effortless Chic successfully employed in this bedroom.

Ideas to Fill Random Wall Space

18. Display woven baskets.

We've seen the baskets-as-wall-art trend for a while now, and it's still a bedroom wall decor idea that we love. To make your woven decor unique, gather vintage versions in varying patterns and arrange them in whichever way feels good to you. In this space, decorated by Bre of Brepurposed, the baskets act as an effective focal point in a corner nook of an all-white room.

19. Show off your hat collection.

Hats look chic when hung on the wall, especially when they're displayed as a collection in various colors, styles, and materials. And bonus: This genius bedroom wall decor idea will also save you some closet space. In this bright and airy space belonging to Paige Rangel and showcased on Glitter Guide, the eye goes straight to the stylish brims that double as art.

20. Embrace everyday objects.

If you're someone who enjoys keeping must-haves within reach — think: art supplies, shoes, sunglasses — treat them as art and devise new ways to display them on your bedroom walls. This space belonging to Emily Katz is a perfect example. Her guitars are always ready to be played at a moment's notice, and they look pretty darn cool hung up on the wall if we do say so ourselves.

21. Be subtle with a small painting.

Not every bedroom needs a giant painting above the bed. Instead, go sweet and subtle with a downsized piece and hang it right next to the bed. Suzanne Kryton Designs opted for this minimalist approach in this sleeping space, allowing the verdant green accent wall to take center stage.

22. Consider a miniature, modern sculpture that also happens to be a light fixture.

Maybe paintings and prints aren't for you. For a creative bedroom accent that literally jumps off the wall, ponder a 3D sculpture instead. The glass bubble-inspired piece witnessed in this bedroom by Mindy Gayer Design Co., also happens to be a light fixture. But best of all it adds visual interest without being distracting or overwhelming.

23. A sconce can act as a work of art.

Nowadays, wall sconces are so cool and interesting that they really can serve as works of art. Echoing the modern art piece above the bed, the light fixture looks spot-on in this Scandinavian bedroom designed by Emily Henderson.

24. A simple shelf can display art pieces.

For a bit of a twist, don't hang your framed wall art right on the wall. Instead, install floating shelves to display leaning artwork. All it took was one small shelf in this bedroom design by Alissa Jacobs to complete the cozy scene.

25. Go functional with a wall clock.

Wall clocks have a way of looking sleek and sophisticated in any room, and the bedroom is no exception. In this kids' room styled by Ashley of Bigger Than the Three of Us, it's a charming throwback detail.



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