Yes, Kids’ Minimalist Bedrooms Really Can Be Achieved

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When you hear the word "minimalism," you might imagine clean, clutter-free living rooms, master bedrooms swathed in simple neutrals, and bathrooms where your curated items are neatly tucked away. Although those spaces certainly exist, there's one area of the home that perhaps you haven't considered for a minimal makeover: your kids' bedrooms.


We're here to tell you, that yes — it is possible to design and style kids' minimalist bedrooms. They just take a little more patience and creativity. With clever storage solutions in place along with carefully chosen decor, a pared down bed chamber for your kiddos is within reach. Here are nine ideas to help you master the look.

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1. Stick with clean lines.

Streamlined design is a benchmark of any minimalist space, and that includes kids' minimalist bedrooms. When it comes to items like the dresser, lighting, bed frame, and wall art, aim for clean lines throughout, something that's seen in this Scandi-inspired space.

Get the look: Lorena Canals Bereber Beige, $325

2. Add pops of personality.

We want to remind you that a minimalist space shouldn't be devoid of personality. A kids' bedroom, even a minimalist one, should still showcase their personality, but it can be done in a way that isn't overwhelming. For example, in this serene gray refuge perfected by Justin and Chelsi of Laine and Layne, their son's beloved books and a "K" for Kenden bring in just the right amount of playful personality.


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3. A minimalist room doesn’t have to be serious.

Sure, minimalism tends to be big on simplicity, but that doesn't mean that it can't be fun, too. Include touches of whimsy here and there in a kids' minimalist bedroom like Iris Nacole did in this sleeping space. She mounted lighthearted animals on the wall and layered buoyant stripes on the bed to give this big boy room a subtle yet playful makeover.



Get the look: Pillowfort Shark Head Wall Decor, $19.99

4. White is the perfect neutral.

Minimalist spaces usually center on neutral hues. Luckily, white can be an ideal color in a kids' minimalist bedroom, making it seem breezy and relaxed without overpowering the visuals. White was a lovely color choice in this pretty, yet uncomplicated, sanctuary crafted by Michelle of North South Blonde.


Get the look: IKEA Hemnes 2-Drawer Chest in White, $79.99

5. Include little hints of color.

Shea of Studio McGee is an expert in designing stylish kids' spaces, witnessed in this fun-yet-sophisticated minimalist bedroom. Get inspired by this space and include standard neutrals, like black and white, but combine them with pops of color.


Get the look: McGee & Co. Piper Bed, $670

6. Make it sweet and warm.

Even though it isn't heavy on decor, kids' minimalist bedrooms should never look cold and detached. When purchasing furniture and accessories, you can still be selective and bring in cozy warmth with stuffed animals, well-loved wood finishes, and cherished toys, a look that Bri Heiligenthal showcased in this sweet space.



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7. Weave in creative touches.

A kids' minimalist bedroom can be creative, too, with the right decor. For instance, in this space styled by Tiffany of Curate and Display, adorable wall art, a collection of cacti, and an IKEA dresser featuring DIY details make the room look both minimal and artistic.


Get the look: IKEA Tarva 3-Drawer Chest in Pine, $119

8. Bunk beds can be minimal, too.

A modern way to approach a kids' minimalist bedroom is by foregoing lots of decor and focusing on a few key pieces instead, which adds personality with color and texture. That's what Sarah Sherman Samuel did in this modern space, and we can't get enough of the cool styling. Even with bunk beds, you can still accomplish a pared down look.


Get the look: Jungalow Chubby Tangerine Tiger Rug by Justina Blakeney X Loloi, $239 - $349

9. Paint a playful, yet simple, mural.

Just because it's a kids' bedroom that doesn't mean it has to be loud, overly colorful, or feel different than the rest of your home. In fact, you can create a modern, visual impact with a simple, on-trend mural, allowing it to do the talking instead of tons of decor. We especially love the contemporary, linear design seen in this space designed by Lizzie of Popix Designs.

Get the look: Block Shop Otto Woodblock Print, $250



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