Modern and Playful, These Kids' Bedroom Ideas Are the Best of Both Worlds

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While kids' rooms are meant to be playful and imaginative, it's important to remember that they're also still an extension of your home. A modern design might not be your first inclination when it comes to coming up with kids' bedroom ideas, but trust us: There are plenty of ways to make your little one feel right at home while still maintaining a clean and streamlined aesthetic.


Whether it's a totally neutral space that utilizes textures and shapes to create a cozy oasis, or an array of colors blended with sophisticated furnishings, we're sharing the best modern kids' rooms ahead.

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1. Incorporate bleached wood for a rustic effect.

This room by Shea from Studio McGee feels ultra-sophisticated for a kids' room, but still maintains a casual vibe and playful touches, like vintage pennants and wood-grain wallpaper. Plus, the elaborate bunk bed design acts as the perfect backdrop for your little loves' favorite games. To recreate this look, keep your colors neutral and focus on texture with bleached woods, blackened metal, and cozy knit throws.

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2. Use task lamps on the nightstands.

Task lighting immediately makes any space feel more sleek and modern, but Sherry and John from Young House Love keep theirs decked out in a light pink hue to maintain a sense of playfulness. For an extra pop of unexpected color, paint the closet door a bold shade and the ceiling a pastel hue to contrast white walls.


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3. Incorporate black metal bunk ladders for an industrial look.

Recreate this modern kids' bedroom idea by Shea from Studio McGee with a monochrome color palette and metal bunk ladders to offer a clean and sleek aesthetic. Pro tip: The addition of gingham patterned bedding or a vintage end-of-bed throw will keep the look from feeling stark or cold.



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4. Select a fashionable toddler bed.

There's a good chance that this modern bed design from Kalon is the coolest toddler bed the internet has ever seen. Sleek lines temper the pastel tones used in this bedroom from Lay Baby Lay, resulting in a look that feels balanced and thoughtful rather than chaotic. Plus, a striped rug helps the space feel larger than it really is — a bonus!


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5. Hang a sputnik chandelier.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a room instantly feel more modern is through lighting, and you can't go wrong with a Sputnik chandelier. The round, exposed bulbs feel industrial, but the brass finish keeps the overall effect polished. To recreate this look from Lay Baby Lay, pair the fixture with more traditional bed frames. The juxtaposition actually emphasizes the modern look, rather than detracting from it.


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6. Add an accent wall.

Wallpaper is often considered a traditional or maximalist trend, but this bedroom from Tiarn Grosvenor proves just how minimal and modern it can really be. Thanks to a subtle herringbone print, there's just enough pattern play against the black and white spotted sheets to create layers and interest. To bring this look into your own home, pair the wallpaper with black and white bedding, along with rustic wood finishes for texture.


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7. Go bold with black walls.

Painting your walls black feels like a bold move, but hear us out. Once you do, you'll wonder what you were ever so afraid of. Black walls can actually help your space feel less dingy, by providing stark contrast against lighter finishes, like a white bed frame or white wall trim. To try out this look at home, take a page out of Birte's book and add light woods and white wall decor to provide balance between light and dark.

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