How to Change the Alarm Code on a Honeywell Keypad

With a home alarm system, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home and loved ones are safe from intrusion and harm. Arm or disarm the security system simply by entering a security code on the keypad, located near the entrance door. Each Honeywell alarm system offers a master code along with up to 32 user codes, which are useful for close friends, family or employees. Changing the master or any user codes is quick and simple.

Sleep soundly knowing your home is protected with an alarm system.

Master Code

Step 1

Using the buttons on the Honeywell keypad, enter your current master code. This is a four-digit number.

Step 2

Press the "8" button, followed by the "0" and "2." This prepares the system to program a new master code.

Step 3

Enter a new code for your master code twice. Make sure to select a four-digit number you can remember. Listen for a beep, which indicates the code was successfully changed.

Additional User Codes

Step 4

Input your four-digit master code on the alarm keypad. This allows you to enter system programming.

Step 5

Press "8," then the code number you wish to change. For instance, user 03 requires the input of "0" and "3" on the Honeywell keypad. This programs the system to accept a new code for that user.

Step 6

Enter the user code you select; remember this is a user code, not the master code that controls the entire system. Choose a unique four-digit number easy for that person to remember.