How to Reset a First Alert Alarm Code

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Reset your alarm code if it is found out by someone outside your immediate family.

First Alert manufactures a range of home alarms, including smoke detectors and intruder alert systems. The company's burglar alarms are armed and disarmed using one of several numeric codes programmed into the system's memory. It is sometimes necessary to reset your code if it is found out by someone outside your circle of trust or if you forget the code. The master code for the alarm system controls access to the alarm code management options.


Step 1

Enter your four-digit master code via the control panel's number buttons. Press "Code" when you finish.

Step 2

Enter the single-digit user number assigned to the code you want to change. For example, "2."

Step 3

Wait a few seconds; the control panel beeps when the code is deleted.

Step 4

Re-enter the master code, as in step 1, and press "Code."


Step 5

Re-enter the same single-digit user number selected in step 2.

Step 6

Enter your new four-digit code using the number buttons. The control panel beeps once when the code is accepted.

Step 7

Use your new alarm code. The system instantly accommodates your new settings.


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