How to Reset a First Alert Alarm Code

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You can reset your security system code if you've forgotten it.
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You've done your due diligence and bought a security system to protect your home, your loved ones, and your belongings. However, your home alarm system can only safeguard your homestead if the alarm code is protected.


Say you set up your First Alert alarm code but you gave that information to someone who was house-sitting for you. To establish true security again, you'll need to revoke that person's access and reset the code once you're home. If you've simply forgotten the code, knowing how to reset it is essential to protecting your home again.

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Receiving Your First Alert Master Code

Honeywell manufactured several home alarm systems under the First Alert Professional Security Systems company name, which are no longer available for purchase. Although they are no longer sold, that doesn't mean your First Alert alarm system is defunct. The home security features vary depending on your model, but most First Alert alarm systems offer fire and burglar defense as well as duress alarms for emergencies.


When you first installed the First Alert system in your home, the professional installer provided you with a four-digit master code. This master code can be used to access all functions of your First Alert security system, including disarming the system and assigning temporary codes to people. Don't worry — you're not stuck with the master code that the installer provided.

Whether you'd prefer a different sequence of numbers or you're worried that your master code has become known to people who shouldn't have it, changing your master code is simple.


Resetting a First Alert Master Code

You can reset your master code by entering the original master code. Then, press 8 and then press 2 on the keypad. Input your new four-digit master code using the keypad and then enter your new code again.

If done correctly, the keypad will beep three times, meaning your master code has successfully been reset. Keep in mind that you must press all buttons within two seconds of the previous depression. Otherwise, the process will need to be restarted.


This will reset the master code on many First Alert models, including the FA168CPS, FA168CPSSIA, FA148CP, and FA145C models. If you have a different model and this process doesn't seem to work, consult the user manual for your specific model.


Adding Alarm Codes

The person who controls the master code can access virtually every part of your home's security system, so smart homeowners keep this code private. However, if you're going out of town and have a dog-watcher or plant-waterer coming to your home, you'll need to let these people in without divulging sensitive information, like your master code.


This is where the user codes come into play. You can set a user code by inputting your master code, pressing 8, and then pressing the number that will identify this user code. For example, you might choose 2 for the babysitter and 4 for the dog-walker. This way, you can keep your user codes separate and organized. Complete the process by inputting the four-digit code you would like these guests to use.


One beep from the keypad signifies that this user code has been successfully entered.

Resetting User Alarm Codes

Once you're back from vacation and no longer require your guests to enter your home, it's important to delete these user codes to control who can access your abode. To delete these unique user codes so they can be reset, input your master code followed by the number 8. Press the single-digit unique identifier number to let the system know which user code you're deleting. For example, press 4 at this time if you're finished letting the dog-walker into your house. Wait a few seconds and your keypad should beep once to let you know that the user code has successfully been deleted.


Forgotten Master Code

If for some reason your security system has been disabled for a long time and the master code has slipped your mind, you'll need to reach out to Honeywell directly. The Honeywell Security customer service team can assist you at 1-800-323-4576. When you receive your new master code, make sure to store that information in a secure place so you can always guard your home.



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