How to Remove an Interior Alarm Motion Detector

An alarm system using interior motion detectors relies on movement to trigger the alarm. To remove a motion detector that is malfunctioning (such as setting off false alarms), disconnect it from the control panel that controls the alarm system. You will use common household tools to remove the motion detector from where it is placed in the home. You'll need to change a few settings on the control panel as well.

Step 1

Enter the password on the control panel's keyboard to disarm the alarm system temporarily. If the alarm requires a key instead of a password, insert the key and turn it to disarm the alarm system.

Step 2

Press "Menu," followed by "System Setup." Select the input settings that monitor the connections to the alarm system. Deselect the input setting for the motion detector that you're going to disconnect.

Step 3

Go to the fuse box. Remove the fuse or trip the circuit breaker that supplies electric power to the area where the motion detector is located.

Step 4

Place a ladder against the wall where the motion detector is mounted (if the detector is within arm's length, no ladder is needed).

Step 5

Remove the screws surrounding the motion detector with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the motion detector off the wall.

Step 6

Remove the screw-connector nuts from the twisted pairs of wires connected to the back of the motion detector. Untwist the wires from each other. Dispose of the motion detector.

Step 7

Twist the screw-connector nuts onto each of the wires. Push the wires into the wall.

Step 8

Place a wall cover plate over the cavity in the wall that the motion detector was covering. Screw the wall cover plate to the wall with wood screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Return the power to the area at the fuse box.

Step 9

Return to the control panel. Rearm the system using the password or the key, depending on how you disarmed it earlier.