How to Reset My ADT Panel After Battery Replacement

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If you want to reset your ADT alarm panel after replacing the battery, you've presumably successfully replaced it already. You might still see the message "low batt" or "bat," but this is normal for up to 48 hours as the battery is likely charging. This isn't a problem; it will resolve itself, with all the settings remaining the same as before the new battery was installed. However, if you still feel the need to reset the system, it's easily done.


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First, Is Test Mode Over?

If you followed the prescribed advice from ADT for replacing the battery, then you should have placed the system in test mode through its website ( and then "my alarm"). After switching the battery, you should have logged on to the website again, this time selecting "stop test" from the "system management" option under "my alarm."

If not, something may have gone awry during the battery switch. If you didn't engage test mode at all or you can't disengage it for some reason, call 800-ADT-ASAP for help with test mode. You may still experience the low battery indicator for the 48-hour window it could take for the 12-volt battery to fully charge.


Before Resetting the System

ADT doesn't actually make any alarm systems themselves; they rebrand products made by other manufacturers, and they use many models — for instance, the ADT Chime. That's a way of saying there's no one pat answer for resetting systems; it really depends on the make and model you have. One surefire solution is calling ADT directly for a helping hand while you make changes to the system. Things like factory resets are actually something you're recommended to have an ADT tech do.

Before tinkering with reset codes, be sure you have your phone nearby and are ready for a potential call from the ADT team if things don't go smoothly. You'll need to explain what you're up to and why plus provide your code lest they decide you're breaking in.


Dig out or download the user manual for your panel. Look for how to reset your system after a power outage, as it's the same process. You'll need your reset code; you can't proceed without it, and you may need a tech to come out if you don't know it.

Resetting the System

Maybe your system is beeping or it's not arming correctly. A reset could help. ADT rebrands all kinds of makes and models of monitoring systems, so this is a common solution, but it won't work universally.


Typically, it's as easily done as entering the reset code and then pressing "off," "disarm," or "1" depending on your system. It should reboot after that. Make sure it's good to go afterward by arming and disarming the system. To do so, simply enter your security code to arm the system and then immediately disarm it with the same code once it has engaged.

If at any point you mess up the code, press "#" and then carefully reenter it. Ideally, you'll sort it out before the security center phones you. If replacing the battery and resetting the system hasn't sorted things out for you, troubleshooting or calling ADT's customer service is your next step.