How to Reset a Schlage Door Lock

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Schlage is the maker of home security products including door knobs and security systems. Many of Schage door locks include a keypad that allows a user to program a personal identification number, or PIN, that can be used to unlock the door instead of a physical key. If you've forgotten the code or simply wish to reset your Schlage door lock, you can restore it to its factory settings and reprogram the lock. The process is simple but cannot be reversed.

Step 1

Remove the cover plate of the Schlage door lock using a screw driver.

Step 2

Remove the battery.

Step 3

Press the "Schlage" button.

Step 4

Reconnect the battery.

Step 5

Press and hold the "Schlage" button for at least 5 seconds. Once complete, the Schlage door lock will be completely reset to the original factory settings.


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