How to Stop a Residential Fire Alarm From Ringing

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Alarm key


In some cases, the alarm system will cause a message to be sent to the local fire department. If it's a false alarm, call and advise the fire department. If random alarms continue, contact a technician.

A residential fire alarm bell is supposed to sound off only when there is a potential threat from fire or smoke. Stop a residential fire alarm from ringing at random so that the noise will no longer bother you and your neighbors and the alarm system can return to an active state. A common household tool will be needed.

Step 1

Go to the fuse box -- a key may be needed if the fuse box is in a locked room or wall panel. Pull the fuse or trip the circuit breaker that supplies power to the fire alarm system.

Step 2

Go to the alarm system control box that should now be operating on battery power. Enter the password into the control panel that will disarm the fire alarm system, or use the key that disarms the system.

Step 3

Open the alarm system's case by removing the screws in its side. Unscrew the terminal contacts on the battery inside the case. Remove the wires from around the contacts.

Step 4

Let 10 minutes pass before reattaching the wires to the battery. Close the case and reattach the screws. Rearm the control panel.

Step 5

Return the fuse or reset the circuit breaker to restore power to the fire alarm system. The system should now reset both itself and the fire alarm bell.

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